Wisdom From A Lululemon Shopping Bag

I never thought I'd be crazy enough to photograph a shopping bag {I love my camera, but a shopping bag?!?!}. But I've also never received a shopping bag that inspired me so much!

Introducing the Lululemon bag:

{Free with a purchase.}

Nice that it's sturdy and reusable,
but what makes this bag camera worthy?


I've always loved a good quote,
so I thought I'd share a few:

Yikes! Just reading that scares me!
{Does that count?!?!}

So what's in the bag?

A new pair of cropped pants...
for all the exercise I haven't done this year.

Because I've become a world-class exercise rebel...
not as good for me as becoming a to-do list rebel.

I was once an intensely competitive athlete...
but it feels so forced and uninspiring now.

And exercising so I can look good on the outside?
Tempting, but my heart needs to be in the right place first.

I hear about mental clarity and increased energy...
but I often come home fatigued and foggy.
{C'mon adrenals.} 

But even as I sit here,
I'm starting to feel a touch guilty for ignoring my body.
Because I know I wasn't created to sit in a chair all day.

So I think I'll drink one of these...

...put on my cute new pants,
and go for a very short walk!

And according to the shopping bag, I need to...

I wish I could take one of you with me to pass the time!

How about you, Sweet Readers?
Do you have a good relationship with exercise?
What motivates you? Any tips for making it more enjoyable?

Happy Weekend!


  1. i must try that energy drink!

    i love listening to great LOUD music on my ipod
    & it helps if it's a sunny day :)

    love that funky bag

  2. OK Linsey...now you have me envious:) I have wanted something from this store forever! I too..am a quote lover and love their website for that reason.
    I have had one of those drinks...different but I got most of it down. I just had lots of blood work done..I feel the same way after I exercise..wondering:)
    I am so excited for you! Just walking in the fresh air and adoring all of the beauty around is the best place to start...no pressure or guilt right? have a wonderfully relaxing weekend!!
    wish you could take me:(

  3. I'll have to check out that store - cute exercise clothes are always a motivator, rather than my old college tees with holes! I like to view exercise as preventive medicine. If I exercised to lose weight or look good, I'd never do it. I get sick less often, I'm more limber, and my arthritis feels better when I get a little workout in. I also agree with Paige - loud, fun music on your iPod is great! I found a bunch of fun dance songs that are about my walking speed and put 'em on a playlist.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Love Lululemon! Love Kombuchi drinks (the green one is chock full of goodness!!). I've finally realized exercise is as much for my mind as for my bod. I'm SO much better off when I do it. My family benefits too. :)

  5. I wrote a similar post after my first Lululemon purchase several months ago! Great minds think alike, I guess. I love the philosophies. i try to remember to try one thing that really scares me every day, it's a good challenege.

  6. I used to be a big runner... before the little one came along.

    Now we just stroll... just got back from an hour walk around the neighborhood with Collins in the stroller and Tanner (golden retriever) on a leash. It has been too pretty lately not to get out!

  7. Miracles do happen: I went for a 20-minute walk on Friday AND today. That puts my exercise total for the new year up to FIVE times! Baby steps! ;) Thanks for the encouragement!

  8. love the bag...it had me with all the quotes!!

    my relationship with exercise.....3-4 times a week.

    love it...need it...gotta have it.
    it's like free therapy for me.
    does this make you like me less?


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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