A Valentine's Day Proposal

Valentine's Day always includes the retelling of my favorite LOVE STORY! Later today, we'll sit down with the girls and read this little book, which was first read aloud to me 14 years ago in the children's book corner of Barnes & Noble.

{I found a sparkly ring inside!}

{Between this and the birthday book, I am well loved!}

I didn't include every page, but here's our story in a nutshell: we met over Thanksgiving {blind date...thanks to my mom!}, fell in love over Christmas {crazy love!} and were engaged on Valentine's Day {two and half months after our first date...in the same bookstore!}.

I never thought I'd say yes to a guy I'd only known for two and half months {crazy!}, but God had a plan that was far better than any we could've imagined!

After reading the Valentine's Day proposal aloud to our girls, we'll savor every image in our insanely thick and gorgeous wedding album. {Thanks to David and Laurel Lund of Wedding Stories for capturing the day so beautifully.}

 Here are a few of my favorite moments:

John David Hasenbank, you have stolen my heart
a million times since that day!

So that's how we'll spend Valentine's Day...re-reading our little love story, flipping through the photographs and toasting to 14 years of God's goodness!

How about you? Any Valentine's Day plans or traditions? 

Happy Hugs and Kisses Day from me to you! 
P.S. Have I ever told you about my blog crush? Leslie at A Creative Mint has the most amazing eye for color and photo styling. Her images make my heart go pitter patter every time I visit! Here's my favorite of her "Happy Hearts":

{click here to see more}


  1. well if this isn't the most beautiful post - EVER!! Congrats on your happy marriage. that has to be one of the cutest proposals - EVER!! you two make stunning couple! Enjoyed your previous post too - thanks for helping all of us to keep perspective! xo,T

  2. Oh Linsey -your story is awesome! You two are a beautiful couple with two sweet girls I see. Thank you for including me in such a special post. I appreciate you very much. xoleslie

  3. Aww!! I had tears reading your story. Happy Heart day!! I really enjoy your blog!!

  4. What a beautiful post!! And such a creative way to propose!! That book will be passed down and cherished by your great great grandchildren for sure. Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. You were SUCH a beautiful bride! Perfect, perfect, perfect! And, of course, I love the story! So special! Happy Valentine's Day, Linsey!

  6. What an amazing way to propose! That is so cool! Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. that is without a doubt the sweetest proposal i've ever heard!
    you , my dear, scored!!!
    your wedding photos are gorgeous too

  8. Oh my goodness...your husband has captured MY heart...he is truly romantic! No wonder you fell in love with him! Beautiful wedding pictures.

  9. how sweet! love that he used a book like that -- so creative. fun to see some wedding pics, too!

  10. beautiful story, photos, and YOU! xoLTM

  11. CRYING!!!!! That is so sweet. I love that now you can share it with your kids.

  12. How incredibly romantic. Went over and read your birthday post. I am inspired to start creating more thoughtful gifts. You are truly blessed.

  13. This ranks right up there with your birthday post. I can't believe that book and the pictures....he is a creative man!! Your wedding photos are just gorgeous Lins. Thanks for sharing this personal treasure with us.

  14. this has to be one of my favorite posts I've ever read! beautiful wedding pictures...the truth you are living out for your girls - is a treasure that is rare my friend:)
    heading over to visit Leslie...

  15. I too was engaged to a man that swept me off my feet after dating for nearly three months. When you know, my dear... you simply know. That was 8 years ago now. Congratulations on your mad love. And thanks for sharing with us!

  16. I found you on Lulu's Musings Stylish Blogger Award post. I love this post. It's something you'd see in a romantic movie. I can just imagine myself sitting in the darkened theater with a big grin on my face and greasy popcorn butter lips. :-)

    I got a good laugh out of the "Uh...OK" response.

    Your mom mentioned that you've entered a sketchbook in the Sketchbook Project 2011 tour. I wrote a post on it today and I'm planning on heading into Brooklyn this week to check out the event. Will you be posting any of your work online?

  17. Thanks for visiting, Margaret. The "uh....ok" was my mom. She set us up, but wasn't quite ready for a marriage proposal! And the sketchbook project would be my sister. She's the amazing artist in the family. :)

  18. And thanks to everyone for your sweet comments. My husband feels about 10 feet tall!

  19. LINSEY....how many times can I tell you that you've written my favorite post ever?

    I think this seriously might be it.

    honestly, best engagement story ever.

  20. Oh, I love!!!!!!!! Yea for happily ever after!!!!!!

  21. My daughter and I came upon your blog and read this story together and we both said, "Awww! How sweet!" We will never forget your story!

    Many blessings,

  22. Beautiful proposal story.


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