Necessity vs. Inspiration

Look what I finally put away today:

Yes, that would be a CHRISTMAS nativity that I've left lingering out front until today! Technically, the wisemen didn't come see Baby Jesus until long after his birth, so I could've left it out all year, right?!?! 

My neighbors were beginning to wonder when I was going to put the nativity away, but little did we know...Mary, Joseph and the gang would come in handy during our two hard freezes in recent weeks!

Baby Jesus holding down the sheets to protect my cyclamen!
{With an appropriately placed "fig leaf" as one friend noted!}

Of course the blooms are gone after the freeze, but the
foilage still looks healthy. Way to go, Baby Jesus!

If you read my Day In The Life Of A Homemama post, you know I enjoy spending as much time as possible at home, but that doesn't mean I'm always pacing around, getting things done and making my house all pretty and perfect! Let me assure you that no authentic, real-life, God-loving homemama or working mama does that...no matter how pretty their homes or blogs are! {Don't believe the lie, sisters!}

In fact, I'm a to-do list rebel, especially when it comes to my home. I'm with Paige at Simple Thoughts who said making a list makes her feel overwhelmed and all hemmed in {here}. She cracked me up when she described herself as "a non-list making organized scheduled rebel type A." I can so relate!

My home is a place of peace...a place where I sit still a LOT.  Hence the crazy number of comfy chairs all around my house!

{Quatrine is my all-time favorite furniture store, by the way.}

So how do things get done around my house if all I do is sit in a chair all day? {That sure sounds dreamy!} Here's the non-list making truth: things get done either by necessity or inspiration.

When one of my girls tells me she doesn't have a clean uniform,
I tackle the laundry...out of necessity.

When our refrigerator is bare, I go shopping
{sometimes out of inspiration, but usually out of necessity}.

When I look at the real-life messes on a typical day...

...it's a total toss up!

If it's a mess that affects the way my family functions, it becomes a necessity. {My incredibly gifted husband and extraordinarily creative daughter both have ADD, so order helps them function more fully and happily. More on that another time perhaps.}

If it's a mess that doesn't affect the way we function, I leave it until I become inspired. On this particular day, I was inspired:

Of course this kind of clean isn't my everyday reality, but for that day,  it was an inspired, authentic moment!

As for these chandeliers that have been sitting
in the corner of my family room for SIX MONTHS...

...I'm strangely UNINSPIRED! I didn't even bother to move them out of sight when we hosted a big Christmas party! I had them custom made, but never bothered to call an electrician to hang them. And I'm perfectly okay with waiting until I'm inspired! Because until then, there are more important things to do with my time...

...like reading to my girls while they are still eager to cuddle up and listen!

I hope this necessity vs. inspiration idea will be of some encouragement to a few of you today. And not so that you can get a ton done and check everything off your list, but so that you can find peace and contentment in what doesn't get done. Because it's OKAY homemamas, working mamas and longing-to-be mamas!

If you're having trouble assessing what's necessary vs. not necessary today, try asking the Lord. For real! Submitting my mental to-do list to Him has made all the difference in my days. And the crazy thing is, there are days when the Lord urges me to stop fretting about the "necessary" things and gives me complete freedom to do the inspired thing! I love those days!

Happy Weekend, Sweet Readers!
P.S. It's a glorious weekend for Urban Market...definitely an INSPIRED thing! Get out and go if you're in Houston! {Note the new location: 3101 Smith @ Elgin}


  1. the market sounds incredible...wishing I could go with:) Since I've turned 40 I am totally with you on the inspired vs. necessity way of doing things.

    I let SO many more things go now..in exchange for doing things I enjoy. Most everything else is there when I'm ready. Just hope the doorbell doesn't ring:) even that is kinda...Oh well...if they are real friends they love me for me not my house right?
    this made my soul smile today friend...thank you

  2. You are cracking me up. I am so proud of you for putting away the nativity. And I'm glad baby Jesus came in handy.

  3. What a great post, from start to finish! If it makes you feel better my neighbor still has his 5'l full size sleigh on his front porch. So often as I am leaving the house I think, "If only people could see what a wreck this is, they would feel much better". And we don't even have kids!

  4. Happy V~Day Lins!
    Love this post and all so true for me too. I used to be a list-a-holic but have moved away from that over the years. Clean clothes and food at the top of my list, with one on one time for Naya splashed in. ;)

    It was a gorgeous morning for UM yesterday but I didn't have much success. A few flowers, dried lavender and an 'N'. Did you find lots on Saturday night? No settee for me either, perhaps Marburger.

    How much are you asking for that gorgeous light fixture??


  5. love this! takes so much pressure off doing things "right." hope you have a happy v day!

  6. linsey, you are too cute
    would you be disappointed if i scrolled back up & made sure the nativity pictures really was on this weeks post?!
    i love it...& yes, i think by all means it should stay out all year. in honor of those traveling wise men!

    you inspired me today. i feel busy so much of the time. even though i am a rebel extroverted type A, i really love my quiet moments at home

    have a wonderful valentines day friend

  7. Love the light fixture..have followed your blog but never commented. What are the dimensions and price?? Thanks so much! Andrea

  8. I'm a little behind on my blog reading these days... homemama duties have kept me busy. I like this post. It is very true.

    Also, if the chandelier isn't already sold (i saw some other commenters interested as well), what are you asking for it? it would go great in my dining room!



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