My "Go Texan" Self

I'm not afraid of my inner cowgirl {boots, jeans and a big ol' hat are right up my alley}, but there's one thing that scares me silly: getting out from behind the camera...and showing YOU the results!

But in the spirit doing one thing a day that scares me {wisdom from the Lululemon bag}, here's my Go Texan Day self. {This one's for you, Tiffini! I finally got out of my nightgown!}

A little awkward at first...

...so I cracked a smile.

Then got a little silly...

...firing off shots...

...until I cracked myself up!

Shot one in a little better light just to work my skills...

...then put my big gun down...

...and kicked up my boots!
{The beloved Luccheses.}

Time to dance in the kitchen till the mornin' light!
{This song will get you two-steppin'! And this one!}

Happy weekend!

P.S. I took the photos in front of a mirror.
{First time I've ever braved the self-portrait thing.}


  1. I'm laughing and crying...I am so proud of you. YOU are absolutely beautiful! Please come out from behind the camera more often! There is a song I am thinking of for you and I " think " it is from Mindy McCreedy??? called Walk in Glory.
    It is country. If I remember it is hard to find.
    YOU made my night

  2. My boots are Luccheses too! Love them SO much! I'm about to put them on to go to dinner to celebrate "Go Texan" day! Can't wait for the rodeo hehe! :)

  3. Tiff, thanks for not leaving me hanging out there all alone. Still freaking out that I actually posted those pics! I've got some silly fears to overcome, girlfriend! And you're helping me! Love ya!

  4. Love to you, too, Miss Kara!

  5. Awesome;o) Made me giggle! Gorgeous too!

  6. Ok, first off, I need a "season of stillness" if it would make me look as pretty as you. You are beautiful, darling!! I have very brief and often interrupted snippets of stillness amidst much chaos. I am pretty good at being still, living in the moment, understanding how fleeting and precious each stage is with my children, but it takes work and I do have days that I long for a little solitude, a little peace, a little more "restoration" time. Have a great weekend! Your girls are just a lovely as their Mama. Yee-Haw! xo, Tessa

  7. You are so beautiful! My favorite is the 3rd and 6th photos. Who took the pics? Fantastic shots!

  8. Aww...y'all know how to take the fear out of my self-portrait debut. Thank you, sweet blog friends. {Bended Spoon: took them myself.}

  9. cute post! I think i have a bit of an inner cowgirl in me too sometimes. but I really wish I knew how to two step or do those country line dances. wouldn't that be FUN!

  10. Way to "cowgirl up"!!!! I tried to post yesterday, begging for pic of your Luccheses but couldn't. I feel your pain - we are our own worst critics. Forget the lies, you have nothing to hide from. Nice hat - from a serious hat critic here! :) Have a super fun weekend.

  11. You're too cute Lins- love these photos!!

  12. Linsey, great photos! you're so beautiful and a great cowgirl! and i love your blouse.

  13. Linsey you are so beautiful! Good for you! I am with you -self portraits are really scary but you have inspired me today so thank you!!! xo

  14. You are soo cute! I love your self portraits!

  15. You should take JD and go two-steppin' at Eddies Country Ballroom in Alvin. The kids are welcome too.


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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