Happy "Go Texan Day" Y'all!

Today's the day...
when big city folks get a little country!

Everyone gets all gussied up in their
boots, jeans, big hats and shiny belt buckles!

It's my favorite day to be a Houstonian!
{Funny that we call it Go Texan Day when it's just a Houston thing!}

Why all this country lovin' in the heart of the city? Because it's RODEO time in Houston! It's a three-week ordeal that brings out the inner cowboy and cowgirl in just about everyone. Even non-boot wearers scramble to find a pair this time of year. {I'm a Lucchese girl all year round. Made here in Texas...love 'em!}

And get this: instead of business suits and fast-driving cars on some of our city streets today, there'll be horses and covered wagons riding in from the dusty roads of the real country! {The trail ride is quite a scene. I'm hoping my mom will share her funny picures!}

Aw, shucks. Some cowgirls have to go to school!
{No hats allowed or they'd be wearing big ones!}

There's something about Go Texan Day that kicks my spirits into high gear. I wonder...does every Texan have this longing to be a little more country? To ride horses, dirty up your boots, talk a little slower, dance a little more? Or is it just me?

I don't know, but for today, I'm in good company!


P.S. You can bet your boots I'll be dancin' in the kitchen tonight! To a country mix this time!


  1. ok, so can i just tell you how much i love your blog!!! i sat down the other day & thumbed though it, then realized that i forgot to leave you a message!
    the rodeo just was just her in San Antonio, & we had a blast! i hope that you have a great weekend!!!
    amy boland

  2. Wish I could be there wearing my boots...and apron dress...lol! Your girls look adorable. Sounds like so much fun. Makes me want to move to another state. Between you and Tara and your weather;) I think I am in the wrong one!
    You have to show us your cowgirl outfit...

  3. Aren't you sweet, Amy! Thanks for the comment. So glad you're here!

    And Tiff, my rodeo look was a Nick n' Nora nightgown with pigs flying on it until noon! But I've got my boots on now and am read to do some boot scootin' in the kitchen with my family tonight! ;)

  4. Shannon LooneyFebruary 25, 2011

    Linsey! These pictures are absolutely adorable...I showed them to some of my friends out here to explain what "Go Texan Day" is!!

  5. I hear you about Go Texan Day making you happy. For me, I think it's a combination of lots of things: seeing horses, cowboys and wagons on our city streets; our city uniting for a day, even if it's just to wear western duds; and the old-fashioned spirit of the Wild West. And frankly, I just love a parade. I want to wave and cheer for every cowboy and cowgirl who rode miles and miles and days and days on horses to arrive at our fair city in time to give us a great parade just one morning. My children are catching on - they won't let me drive through Memorial Park anymore ("looking for cowboys") on Go Texan Day because they get embarrassed when I roll down the window and cheer! BTW - it's the same story with Art Cars for me. Now THAT'S a celebration of the human spirit!

  6. Awesome comment, Mandy! Love the way you think!

  7. i miss go texan day! and the rodeo, too. so fun.


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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