Fabulous New Trestle Table + A Gateleg on Sale

My dining room table drama is over {thank goodness} but I know several of you are still looking, so I couldn't resist throwing this in the mix!. 

New from Wisteria
{my favorite home decor catalog}:

A beautiful trestle table made of reclaimed wood...

...with a uniquely shaped base...

...and a hard-to-find width of 35 inches...
for $1,349!!!
{Click here for details.}

If you love trestle tables, this one's a winner...especially for the price! I'm not saying you couldn't scour Craig's List for a less expensive fixer-upper, but Wisteria makes it so easy {quality products, friendly service, reasonable prices...and often great sales}. And the width...so hard to find for this price! {Just a thought: you could always "Frenchify" things with a little paint and distressing down the road!}

In case you missed it: I ended up designing my own trestle table {here} because I couldn't find the narrow width I wanted for a price I was willing to pay. It's easy to find a French antique with an intimate 33-36" width, but they are cost-prohibitive for most of us. FYI: new tables are generally 42" wide. I've never seen 35" on a good-looking reproduction!

And not that I need to be looking, but I can't resist sharing a deal when I find one. Included in Wisteria's online sale: a round gateleg table for a STEAL!!!

Generously sized at 60 inches, but it folds down beautifully.

I can hardly believe the price: $399!
Marked down 60% from $999.
{Details here.}

I'd so buy that for $399 if I had a spot for it.
Hmm...how about my kitchen?

Note to self:
Don't need a thing.

Godliness with contentment is great gain.
- 1 Timothy 6:6

Happy day to you, Sweet Readers!


  1. I want both!!! Ugh...

  2. Though Granny's table may not be perfect for you, it's a way of holding on to a memory of her. She was so excited when she bought it cause she thought she got such a good deal! Hmmm, did I just read that?

  3. I've never heard of Wisteria! I agree with T - both please?:)
    I learn so much from you...really
    you cracked me up at the end..don't need a thing. How true is that for most of us? and I love the verse.
    enjoy your "being" today

  4. What pretty tables. Your kitchen is lovely.

  5. Thanks Linsey! I love love Wisteria...they actually have another trestle that has been my 'fall back' table should I never find exactly what I'm looking for. Luckily I have plenty of projects in my house to keep me busy while I continue my search!

    Those two chandeliers over your island are killing me. And what is happening on your floor?! Okay I'm going to research your old posts. :-)


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