A Day In The Life Of A "Homemama"

If someone asked you to write about a day in your life, what would you say? What images, words or thoughts come to mind?

{this image enticed me; source unknown}

When Tiffini at The House of Belonging asked me to share a day in my life, the first word that came to mind was: HOMEMAMA. {My oldest daughter used this word to describe me here; it fits me like a glove}.

Being a homemama means I'm home...A LOT. I love being here. Home is where I feel most grounded, most open to what God has for me, most creative, most peaceful and most available to serve my family. On the days when I haven't spent enough time at home, I can feel it...and so can my family.

You can tell those who spend lots of time at home. Their homes just feel different. And that doesn't mean they're all neat and tidy. Or that they're all accessorized and decorated. Just this week, I walked into a home that was cluttered at first glance, but within minutes of being inside, I could feel the love and authenticity. I grew to love her layers and stacks. Her house was layered with love!

As I share "A Day In My Life" through photographs of my home, I hope you'll remember this: your home doesn't have to look like mine. Your day doesn't have to look like mine. The key is to live each day in a way that is authentic to who you are...to the way that God made you. And He just happened to make me a HOMEMAMA with two girls who are school-age {which means I have lots of time at home alone...totally different from when they were little!}.

These are my happy places...the spots around my house where I spend the most time. I hope you'll feel AT HOME here!

Each day begins and ends here...

It's hard to leave my peaceful bedroom
knowing the rush of a school morning awaits me.
{I'm so not a morning person!}

But my girls are amazing...
they pack their own lunches and make
their own breakfasts.

My goal is to keep them on schedule...

...and fill their hearts with encouragement for the day.

Grab the purse, the backpacks from their baskets...
and it's time to go!

When I return home, I always have a hot cup of tea...

...and sit down in one of three chairs.

The swivel chair in my bedroom when I'm in a white mood...

...the French Louis-something chair by the fire when it's chilly...

...or the oversized toile chair when I'm craving extra space.

Sometimes sitting still is hard.
Jesus Calling helps me make the most of these still moments.
{The February 7th devotional made me cry...in a good way.}

With another cup of tea in hand, I step out back
and skip up the stairs to my studio...

...which feels every bit as happy as my house.

{I love being up here.}

During the Spring months, I focus on stationery designs...

...and September through December, Christmas cards take center stage
{this is when things get a little crazy and unbalanced in my house!}.

But for now, I'm taking a little break from my work
so that I can enjoy the other aspects of my homemama life.

Like nesting around my house...

...and enjoying the freedom to just be.

{My oldest and I love birds and nests!}

I eat fast during card season,
but this time of year, I love to sit down in the kitchen
and take my time.

{A huge thanks to Elsa who has returned for five hours a week and
makes my kitchen look like this on Mondays!}

And of course a homemama always has her piles.

{No telling what's in that stack!}

By the time 3:00 arrives, I'm eager to see my girls,
who are homebodies just like me...HOMEGIRLS!

No rushing around from place to place for us.
Snack, homework and then outside play
or inside crafting and creating!

If there's one thing I wish we did more often, it's this...

...family games!
{Clue is our current favorite.}

While the girls are playing or crafting, my husband and I
enjoy a little time together, usually with a glass of wine...

...and a comfy chair in our front room,
which we like to call our "sitting room."

{Everything's washable, so I don't worry about the wine.}

Speaking of wine, this is our new favorite "cheap and cheerful."

{On sale for $8.99 at Whole Foods last week, but even
at $12 or $13, it's a great deal! Best with food vs. alone.}

After a little time to unwind, we take turns in the kitchen.

My husband is the better chef {more inspired and creative},
but whoever's in charge, one thing's always the same:

{We like it local, seasonal and organic if we can get it.}

We eat around this table at least five, often six, nights a week.
{An incredible blessing!}

My girls love candlelight!

After dinner, it's the bedtime routine, which always ends
with independent reading time, hugs, kisses and a song.
{I've been singing to my girls since they were born.}

If there's one thing I wish I did more
at this time of day, it's read aloud to my girls.
{They still love it! Maybe tonight is the night!}

And my favorite way to end the day once the girls
are asleep, the kitchen is clean and the house is quiet...

{Just add epsom salt and essential oils!}

The funny thing about our bathroom
is that we've been without mirrors for almost four months...
but that's another story for another day!

Who needs mirrors when you have a favorite photograph
from Provence to stare at every morning and evening?

And there you have it...a day in the life of a homemama!

I hope you're enjoying this day in YOUR life!

P.S. Hop over to The House of Belonging for many more
"A Day in the Life" posts. Each is different and unique!


  1. It all looks so dreamy, Linsey...when can I move in???
    xxx. Meg

  2. I could stare at these images of your home for hours...it's all beautiful Lins and it feels even better on the inside. You have a blessed life and a lovely family my friend. Thanks for sharing a piece of it with us.

    Unfortunately I wasn't able to pull anything together for Tiffini's post but I'll head over to check out the others.

  3. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your life...beautiful home!

  4. Linsey,

    Your house is so beautiful. Would you sharing what paint color you used in your kitchen and bathroom? Thanks!


  5. I am so blessed to share in a day of your life! You have a heart that is special and I can't put it quite into words ... yet.
    You are so deserving of all you have..it is beautiful but there is so much more to you than that.
    I'm so glad you shared...hugs!
    I've been a homemama most all my life. I love being home more than anywhere else. I REALLY understand. I can learn much from you. I am going back to reread your post after I'm done..it was so beautiful and inspiring to me..
    your friend

  6. Happy to share, Anne. Both the kitchen and my studio are Manchester from Pratt & Lambert. It reads blue gray in my house, but on the paint chip, it doesn't look blue at all. Depends on your natural light...as with any paint!

    Personally, I'm happier with blue gray tones (reminds me of Provence) than the straight grays that are so popular today.

  7. Beautiful post and beautiful home! Hehhe...we've played the Mexican Train game.

  8. this is a lovely post and your home looks so cozy and welcoming. your kitchen is beautiful. Love all of the fresh ingredients!

  9. What a beautiful post Linsey! Your home is gorgeous. Will you share your source for the slipcovered arm chairs? Thanks,

  10. Linsey, Thanks so much for the paint information!


  11. I love it, what love you have created! No wonder you would want to take a break to enjoy your home, homeMama!
    Just beautiful.

  12. Your home is stunning....and I love the term Homemama! That is what my Mom was...always there and loving it. My most cherished memories are time spent as a family when I was growing up. IT IS the BEST time of your life for sure.

  13. OH....and I was thinking charcoal gray for the headboard :)

  14. oh good gracious....i love your style linsey.
    what a fantastic gorgeous home you have created!!

  15. Wow! Can I have a day in YOUR life? :-) Your beautiful photos and words have inspired me to 1) clean up! 2) nest more and 3) feel content about enjoying being at home rather than rushing around.

    You always brighten my day.

  16. Hi Linsey, I love your "A Day in the Life" tour. I featured your blog today on stylesson.com. Your house is beautiful, but I also adore how you care for your family.

  17. Linsey, your home is beautiful! I am a homemama, too. I really love the tiered stands you have on your kitchen island and in the bathroom....do you have a tip on where to find them?

  18. Linsey, Your home is perfection! I could move right in and never change a thing. Gorgeous. I love the large woven trunks in your studio. Would you mind sharing where you bought them? Hugs,

  19. I'm stopping what I am doing right now to go clean my house...I'm convicted!!!! Your home is lovely, and I really do not think you need all three of those chairs, may I have one of them please ;).

  20. You ladies sure know how to make a homemama feel good! Thanks for all of your kind comments. Now to answer a few questions:

    1. All of my slipcovered furniture is from Quatrine. All bought during a sale or promotion at different times over the last 13 years. Amazing quality. Hwever, they don't do slips only unless you have their furniture.

    2. The trunk baskets in my studio are from Ikea years ago. The newer versions are even bigger and more gray (which is very "in" right now).

    3. The three-tiered stands: one is from Laurie's Antiques in Tomball (outside of Houston) and the other is from the Wisteria outlet in Dallas. Not sure if either place has them any more. I'm a sucker for tiered baskets and stands!

  21. Just discovered your blog. It is lovely. Your home, your spirit,your photographs, all of it - just lovely. My very favorite thing, though, perhaps because I am one, too, is HOMEMAMA!!! Love that! It is my new word for when people ask that awkward party, small talk question "What do you do?" I am a homemama!

  22. Goodness, I'm glad I remembered to click over and check out your home post. It's absolutely GORGEOUS. Love it all. And you really did a lovely job of taking all the photos (that can be hard!!).

    Thanks for leaving the message for Marianne on my blog today.
    xoxo, Chassity

  23. your home is breathtaking.
    absolutely beautiful.
    i'm trying to pick a favorite room but I can't....your bedroom, your kitchen, your sitting room.....

    love your style!

  24. I want to move in!!! Your house, and more importantly the way you live in it, is truly beauitful! We would be such good friends in real life. I can't even begin to tell you the similarities. I can tell you where they end though - my house is not near as clean or serene!! maybe one day. Still in the trenches with a 2 year old boy wreaking havoc on the house. Just yesterday I was perplexed as to why so many frames were hanging crooked. Then I realized, oh yes, Charlie has learned to play light sabers with Andrew. Heaven help me!! Have a lovely weekend, Homemama! xo, Tess (your Homemama sister) :)

  25. You've created such a beautiful, loving and cozy home for your family. You should be proud!!

  26. Oh my, I have only just found your blog tonight & have stayed up way to late indulging in it. It just seems to keep getting better and better. From the ADD diet I'm really excited to try to the glimpses into your home to the peeks in to your heart, You've got me hooked. Just had to take a quick moment to say Hi!

  27. you have a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL, peaceful looking home
    x krystie

  28. I love your site and have added you to my blogroll. Excited to read more about your big move to Franklin!


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