Dancing in the Kitchen

What to give this amazing man for his birthday?

I knew I couldn't top the birthday book...

...but I wanted to give him something handmade and heartfelt.

It was the day before his birthday and I still had no idea what to make. So after all that talk about being an exercise rebel, I put on my new pants and went for a walk. And that's when it hit me:


My husband has hinted more than once recently that he misses dancing with me. He misses the big smile it puts on my face...and the way it draws us close and makes us laugh.

{Dancing to Nat King Cole's L-O-V-E on our wedding night.}

We danced a lot when were newly in love. But then we got distracted, distant and run down...with working, raising children and half-living. Every now and then my husband would turn up the music and grab my hand {and every now and then I'd indulge him} but we didn't make a habit of it...until now.

My gift to my husband on his 37th birthday: a mix of love-inspired dance tunes with a promise to dance in the kitchen whenever he turns up the volume and grabs my hand! 

And just in case you want to infuse your marriage with a little two-step, box-step, or make-up-your-own-step, I thought I'd share our mix {or playlist as it's called these days} to get you started:

{We danced to every single song on his birthday!}

This is good for a marriage {and counts as exercise in my book!}, so let's start with Song #1 and DANCE! {Your kids will love it, too!}
Well, you get down the fiddle and you get down the bow,
Kick off your shoes and you throw ‘em on the floor.

Dance in the kitchen 'til the morning light....
I'm already thinking about Volume Two, so tell me...what songs make you want to dance in the kitchen?

Happy Monday!


  1. Linsey, what an awesome bday gift for your husband! I love the songs on it, I have to say I'm inspired!!

    -Cathy (from Mims 2!)

  2. you two are soooo sweet! we are BIG dancers here. everyday. often. and usually all 4 of us. when andrew was 4 years old he went through a phase where he wore a bow tie & hat everyday and only listened to frank sinatra. he watched dancing in the rain and reenacted it in our living room and would swing around the lamp posts on walks into town. we loved it and captured much of it on video. happy monday to you! xo, tessa

  3. Cathy...freshman year Mims buddy! Can't believe it's you! How fun!

    Tessa, surely you have a favorite song or two! Wink! I'd love to know!


  4. You guys are SO romantic!! I love it. Got to keep that romance going!

  5. What a great gift! I'm a big believer in the power of dancing in a relationship. I grew up in a dancing family. My grandmother took lessons until she couldn't anymore. In the 70s, by the time I was ten, she'd taught me all the ballroom dances and various versions of the hustle (don't laugh :-) ). My parents still take lessons and recently traveled to Argentina to test out their Argentine tango skills. I think it's awesome.

  6. This is so precious! What a wonderful idea.

    I found your blog while doing a search for a zinc dining table...when I read your posts it was like reading my own thoughts, too funny! So I apologize if my story sounds plagiarized, it's not. :-) I'm loving your blog and so glad that I found you.

  7. what a sweet post..and a very creative birthday gift idea! What a way to put the romance back into a marriage. I also like that you are thinking of his love language. We all have different ones. Often we buy or do what WE would like not necessarily what someone else would.
    and it doesn't cost a thing:)

  8. very convicting.....use to dance often..now, not so much.

    you're inspired me!

    missed you last week, friend.

  9. I love this! What a great birthday gift.


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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