What Day Is It Really?

Y'all, I was ALL out of sorts this morning. I thought today was THURSDAY! I dressed for Thursday (which means exercise clothes for my stretch therapy here). And I left my beds unmade like it was a Thursday (I have some new housekeeping help). When the housekeeper didn't show up, I called to see if she was coming...

...and that's how I learned that TODAY IS WEDNESDAY! And so now what to do with my exercise-clad self on one of the most beautiful, blue-sky January days ever?!?!

A walk would be nice, but I haven't exercised a single time this year and am secretly rebelling against the over-zealous workout types (another story for another time). So I came to the computer instead. I have a million and two things I'd love to share with you (more fresh and local food stuff, the Feingold Diet, great French design books, amazing conversations with teenagers, college girls and my own nine-year old...), but I'm still a little out of sorts and unsure of my direction today. Because it still feels like Thursday.

So I did a little blog surfing to get me going. Paige at Simple Thoughts knows how to make a girl's day! Her list of red favorite things made me smile. Especially THIS one:

{Her cute little daughter in red cowgirl boots!}

And then there's my friend Tricia at Morning T who's got me hanging by a thread to find out what she did during her two days of nesting. When that girl gets inspired, watch out! Here's one of her sneak peeks:

Then I visited a fellow Vanderbilt grad, Laura Casey, and was fascinated to learn about Haint Blue. Laura does an awesome job of both inspiring and educating on her blog. Here's where I'd like to transport myself for just a moment:

A few more hops around blogland and I was feeling a little less out of sorts about what day it was (because each of these posts reminded me that TODAY IS WEDNESDAY)! But I still wasn't feeling "on" today. So there's another stop I decided to make before leaving the computer: Emily over at Chatting at the Sky.

I don't know Emily, but everything I've read and seen on her blog tells me she is one amazingly authentic and gifted woman. We all are. We just have to let that woman live. And Emily's good at reminding me of that. In today's post, called Wake Up and Dream, she nailed me (in a good way) with this:
"I hope you are diving into the deep, sweet place of authentic this week. And I don’t mean climb into your quiet cave and wait for the Muse. No, I hope you are swimming around in the living...."
Yep. I'm tempted to climb into my quiet cave. It's my default. Amazing how God can use blog friends...people who don't even know the specifics of your heart...to remind you that THIS is the day to REALLY LIVE...no matter what day of the week it is! I hope you'll enjoy visiting each of these ladies today!

And one more thing before I go. Today's Jesus Calling was really good...worth pondering as we seek to set goals in the New Year.

Happy WEDNESDAY, Sweet Readers!

P.S. The fonts and spacing are kinda off in this post. It's just that kind of day, so I'm going with it!


  1. it is so obvious that God is alive and well and working his beautiful stuff in your heart.

    can you tell?

    love "Jesus Calling" for today... do you have the Jesus Calling for Kids? I loved my copy so much that I ran out and bought it for my kids when it came out....they LOVE it.

  2. YES! I can feel it. There are the moments when I want to run for cover or crawl into a quiet cave, but God keeps drawing me out...thanks to people like you! I keep thinking of that post you wrote yesterday.

    I LOVE the Jesus Calling for kids! Gave it to my girls for Christmas. Such a cute cover! It deserves it's own post!

    Thanks for the encouragement, Tara!

  3. You're so cute about the fonts and spacing in your PS! ;)
    Thanks so much for including my little teaser in your post today. I haven't done a project in so long I'm questioning myself now and debated sharing it at all. Well now I've got a full blown family room transformation post on tap for tomorrow and have even asked for feedback-eek (hope my skin thickens over night).

    It is such a gorgeous day today and I'm stuck inside a 21 story building. I hope you do go for a walk and soak up the sun, despite your rebellious feelings.

    Wherever you found yourself today I hope you enjoyed it.

  4. well aren't you the cutest thing?!
    how fun to pop over here & see my little bit included in your post.
    i'm off to check out some of your buddies
    & i love that emily too
    ps...i must grab the jesus calling & apparently the jesus calling for kids too right?


  5. T, we can't WAIT to see your transformations! You always inspire us with your creativity! No need to get thick skinned over night. We love you just the way you are!

    Paige, yes to Jesus Calling. If you have an iPhone, there's a great iphone app that's totally worth it (the verses are there for you vs. having to look them up). Your youngest would love the kiddo version.

  6. Oh, your blog is so beautiful! And thank you for your kind words...

  7. I printed & taped the Jesus calling for today up over my desk - how true. How often I need to be reminded. And YOU - how funny are you?! getting your days mixed up. has happen to me on more than one occasion. I once booked a return FLIGHT from MA for the wrong day (by a week)and we had to drive back to Ohio instead! Something happens when they put that bleach in my hair. :)

  8. I am intrigued by the Feingold diet. I had never heard of it. We don't suffer from ADD/ADHD (that I know of anyway!), but it sounds super healthy nonetheless. Your roasted veggies looked so yummy and inviting from the other night. Do y'all follow the Feingold diet and how hard was it to change from your previous diet? I enjoy your blog, Linsey, so thanks for blogging.

  9. I so love the way you post..can't quite pin it down but I like it:) I loved Emily's post also. I spent time tonight visiting friends. Relishing a bit when the house is quiet.
    appreciate & laugh at the way you rolled with it..good for you

  10. Wow, I really needed this inspiration this morning! Funny thing -- my husband gave me a copy of "Jesus Calling" for Christmas, but I have not been taking my time for morning devotional and would have missed the Jan 19 passage if it weren't for you. And that passage is exactly what I needed to hear. I just love the way God works!


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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