A "Slow Living" Weekend

Our weekend was FULL, yet simple, home-based and slow-paced...my favorite kind! My husband summed it up by saying we were really living this weekend. Amen! Here's what that looked like for us:

1. Fresh food...preferably organic and seasonal from one of our local farmer's markets.

My girls chose the multi-colored beets and carrots. I added brussel sprouts. My husband worked his culinary magic. Pretty simple magic:
  • chop (leave beet and carrot tops on for some extra crisp in the end)
  • toss with a generous amount of olive oil, sea salt and herbs de Provence
  • roast for a while (a huge Le Creuset roasting pan is his favorite)
{We used the leftover veggies on pizza the next night.}

2. Wine and cheese. We love trying new wines (my husband has an amazing nose and palette, so it's always fun to hear his thoughts). Here're a few we tried this weekend...at three different price points:

Elements may have been the winner this weekend.
It's what one of our favorite wine guys calls "cheap and cheerful."
Just under $13 at Costco! A great everyday blend.

Next up:

Not a big fan of the Molly Dooker.
$22 at Costco. We tasted and poured the rest down the drain.
My husband's theory: "life's too short to drink bad wine."

If you like Big Reds, this one is killer:

Not your everyday wine at $55 a bottle (Spec's),
but it packs a lot of punch. (90% Napa Cab)

We're big on trying lots of different cheeses.
Here are two we enjoyed this weekend:

Campo de Montalban and Cambozola Black.
Spanish cheeses...both very, very good.
{Available at Whole Foods.}

3. Friends. Good food and wine are always better when shared with friends, don't you think? We love having people over, but the reality is that it doesn't happen often...mostly because we don't plan in advance and spontaneous doesn't work for most folks these days. Sadly, life is too busy. But this weekend, our last minute invitations worked our beautifully: new neighbors (who happen to love wine and food) and two families from school.

Our home always feels happier and our lives richer when we've filled it with the smell of fresh food, the pleasure of good wine and the joy of friendship and fellowship. Here's to REALLY LIVING! I'm hoping for a lot more of that in 2011!

How about you, Sweet Readers? What does really living look like in your life right now? 


  1. linsey, those veggies look gorgeous!!!
    i feel so unworthy as currently i'm making chili for dinner. how unglamorous is that?
    but we're watching despicable me which is precious!

  2. Paige, I was so surprised to really love Despicable Me. Strange title, weird looking characters, but what a heart-warming story!

    The funny thing about these veggies is that they aren't fancy at all...just colorful and full of natural flavor. Super easy to prepare!


  3. Hi Linsey - your blog is adorable. I'm new to blogging and I've looked at so many over the past month - yours is one that really caught my eye. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas. May 2011 bring you many blessings.

    p.s. I'm laughing because the comment you have from "Paige" is another blog that I love - her writing is awesome.

  4. your weekend sounds perfect to me.
    those veggies are too beautiful and delicious.
    do your kids eat everything in that roasting pot?
    did you serve the wine and cheese with the veggies or did the veggies go with something else.
    perfect meal for me. my family would cry themselves to sleep if I only served veggies, but I...I would LOVE every single bite.

    last question.
    we have several dear friends that live in houston....I know it's HUGE...but what area do you live in?

    We went to a campus ministry conference for the past couple of years and it was held at this HUGE church called Church of the Woodlands.

    One set of friends are on staff at a church called community of faith....heard of it?

    okay...longest comment i think i've ever left...

    saying good bye for now....

  5. Tara, I love your longest ever comment! Yes, my girls ate every bite of their veggies. Roasting brings out the sweetness. And they love the colors.

    Let's see...that night we did crispy chicken thighs (got the inspiration from he cover of this months's "Food and Wine" magazine.

    We're right smack dab in the heart of Houston, so a good 45 mins from The Woodlands.


  6. Sheri, welcome to blog world! I'm honored to be one that you enjoyed visiting! You're welcome here anytime!

  7. Sounds like a great weekend. I love wine, I will have to try those (that you liked).

  8. good wine, good cheese -- all you need to add is a little dark chocolate and you have my perfect trifecta! glad you enjoyed your weekend! I ALWAYS roast my veggies - but on a sheet pan in the oven, never done it stove top! Looks so pretty!!

  9. Here's to living simply spontaneous with good "whole" food, wine and friends in 2011...cheers!
    You write beautifully..and don't ya just LOVE Whole Foods?:)
    Veggies look delish...I just roasted a whole bag of brussel sprouts...one of my favorites.

  10. Sounds like a beautiful night with wine,food, and friends.....:)

  11. That is my kind of weekend! Have you guys tried any of the Molly Dooker reds? The Boxer Shiraz is amazing -- one of my all time faves. And the Violinist Verdelho is tasty too.

    Hope your week is off to a good start!

  12. I'm putting the Elements wine on my list now. ;) Sounds like a great weekend indeed. I wish you would've popped over to my place, I was nesting from sun up to sun down 2 days in a row. It was pure heaven!!

  13. Those roasted vegetables look seriously delicious. I will be trying the 'cheap and cheerful' wine, too!


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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