The House of Belonging

It's official: I had the best birthday EVER on Monday. I was humbled, surprised and even cried my eyes out over all of the unexpected abundance on my special day. It's almost too much to take in!

I'll be back to share a few birthday moments with you soon, but for today, you can find me over at The House of Belonging.

When Tiffini asked to share my "Changing The Way I See" post with her readers, I was honored. But now that I've read her kind words introducing me, I am humbled...and amazed that she has perceived so much about my heart through the words I've written. What a gift from God.

Two things before you jump over to The House of Belonging:
  1. Tiffini's tagline, jumping naked, has me thinking. I'm as modest as they come (hate swimsuits, low necklines, etc.), so the thought of bearing myself fully (as in NAKED!) kinda scares me.
  2. But I love what Tiffini means by it. She's no longer a passive onlooker in life. Instead, she's striving to live authentically, transparently and to ENGAGE FULLY.
Now THAT is what I call stripping down in a GOOD WAY! Love that about you, Tiffini! Keep encouraging us to "get naked" if we have to!

Sweet Readers, I know you'll love Tiffini. ENJOY browsing her blog today!


  1. So glad you enjoyed your special day Lins. I'm off to check out Tiffini's post.

  2. I am humbled...with others & Him we can make it through this journey called life. Honored that you are one of my co - journeyers...is that a word:)

  3. love how you featured Tiffani...and love your post..went over first thing and read it...

    inspired by you!

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  5. Happy belated birthday, my sweet bloggy friend! I'm getting caught up on old posts. I was without internet for several days. It sounds like you had a perfect celebration planned & many more wonderful ones to come in the weeks ahead! How fun to have all this celebrating during the winter months when every one is feeling a bit blah. xo, Tessa

  6. Loved your wise perspective over at Tiffini's place -- too often I am the victim of my own perfectionism.

    I love your blog here -- so fresh and light. Lovely to meet you here...

  7. Happy birthday to you friend...

  8. very heartfelt belated wishes.... so glad you had a wonderful day...xx


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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