A Half Price French Find!

Look what was waiting for me at Half Price Books:

Brand new, just for me. No one had even cracked the spine (which isn't always the case at Half Price Books). God knows I love a good French design book. Anything to remind of of the place where my heart both flutters and stills. {How does that happen?}

Recipe for a perfect weekend: this book, by the fire, with a good glass of wine and soft goat cheese. And of course...with my sweet girls and husband snuggling by my side and peering over my shoulder (because they're into the French thing, too!).

What's your recipe for a perfect weekend, Sweet Readers?

Bon weekend!


  1. What is better than a beautiful book!!!

  2. making family rules sign to ship out next week...
    we worked on them so long that our bodies literally felt like 90 year old bodies.

    love doing them...but wowza. harder to do when you're doing more than just ONE for your own house.

    going to eat brunch this morning with a college student in Winter Park...which is my FAVORITE place in orlando. :)

  3. Linsey,

    Love all of the beautiful photos you share of your home. Just wondering.... What are your favorite home decor shops in the Houston area?

  4. log cabin...fire roaring...comfy pj's...solitude...Him...His word and pen and paper. Just for a weekend:)

  5. My Guy home safely. A roaring fire. Date night. Giggles.

  6. Ooh...what a great find!!!!

  7. Ooooh... I love getting great design books at half price!! Way to score, Linsey! That does sound like a recipe for a perfect weekend, especially in your beautiful home... sigh... :)

  8. Oh you must be kidding me...i literally just bought the book off Amazon last week :)! Too funyy, enjoy!

  9. The only thing better would be a Missy there to help you drink that wine....


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