Dreamy New Bedding

Look what just arrived in my inbox:

Gorgeous new Rivulets Bedding from Anthropologie.

Who can resist soft and white with a little frill?

Long, deep sigh.

If I weren't so practical, I'd buy it for sure!

And since we're dreaming, which bed should we buy to go with it?

{I'll take that whole room please!}

Or the enchanting Forest Canopy Bed?

{My "nature girl" oldest daughter would love this one!}

I'm very content with my own bedding {here},
but a girl can dream, right? I love a pretty bed!

Happy dreaming to you today!


  1. After just washing my white quilt due to a doggie accident in the middle of the night (eek!), I'll stick with my comfy old set for now. :)
    Your existing bedding is gorgeous!! Where did you find that bench at the end of your bed? I'm looking for that exact thing for my sun room.
    Thanks Lins.

  2. I bought the bench the first time I went to Marburger 9 years ago. I'll never forget strolling through the fields in extreme heat with a baby! {Crazy!} I still see lots of them there, but locally, try Heights Antiques on Yale (one of my favorite spots). xo!

  3. ok, I needed to laugh...I first thought you said, "look what arrived in my MAIL box." Then I thought, wow, Linsey is getting creative today, styling the back of an old car with her new bedding...maybe it's the same car that Santa was in in one of her Chrsitmas cards (I remember because that was one of my favorites). Oh, girl. It's been a long day. Glad you didn't spend yours styling an old car though!! I was a bit worried!! :)

  4. love that one from anthropologie!!!

  5. You just made me laugh out loud, Tessa! I love it! I love photography and I love bedding, but if you ever catch me styling bedding in an old car, you might have to leave your sweet little village and rescue me! ;)


  6. I love the Italian Campaign Canopy!

  7. I have always loved that bed... wouldn't that be heavenly?
    Happy New Year!

  8. linsey, thank you so much for your lovely comment. I really appreciate your thinking of me.

    wow! those linens and that metal canopy bed are stunning. they make me want to change mine up!

    thanks again and happy new year! love, donna

  9. Oh I say keep it in the back of the wagon and take a long romantic drive down pch at sunset!
    Have a restful weekend.
    xo Lisa

  10. I love your real bedding. Just left a comment there. Sure would be fun to have a campaign canopy in my bedroom!
    Mary Ann

  11. Love the bedding , a canopy is perfect.
    Dreamy, heavenly, Linsey!

    Art by Karena


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