A friend told me to listen to a new song this week. She got my attention when she said, "It's as if God wrote every lyric just for you." So of course I listened...lots of times!

The song is called Beautiful by Mercy Me. I love the album cover:

You can listen here, or just spend $0.99 and listen to it a hundred times! (Available on iTunes.) Here's my own interpretation of the song...using one of my new fonts:

Isn't this swashy script perfect for a song called Beautiful? I'd love to use this idea for a Christmas card, but with words from a Christmas hymn. Any takers? Email me. I can't wait to play with it more!

Don't forget to leave your vote for your favorite new design(s) HERE if you want to enter the $50 LLH Designs giveaway!

Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend, Sweet Readers!


Meet My Talented Friend: Jenny Johnston

I love seeing talented people do their thing. When it comes to interior design, Jenny Johnston has talent to spare! See for yourself over on Cote de Texas today!

I mean, WOW! This girl knows how to transform a space...and not just one room or a few things here and there, but an entire house or condo! Wait until you see the "before and afters" on Joni's blog! Here are a two of my favorite shots from her latest project:

{Be sure to visit Cote de Texas to see the rest of the photos.} 

You won't believe how I met Jenny: though blogging. {Thanks, Joni!} I loved the zinc table Jenny used in the Rosemary Beach project (remember my table drama?), so I just busted out and contacted Jenny...not thinking she'd really email me back. 

But she did! And since then, we've become fast friends...not just "internet friends," but real life friends! (Thankfully, she comes to Houston quite often.) I can tell you with full confidence that Jenny Johnston isn't just a fabulous, full-service interior designer with creative vision, years of experience and talent to spare, but she's also a REAL and down to earth person. Good as gold, and you'll know it the minute you met her.

Last month, Jenny and I were "shopping buddies" at Marburger (lucky me!). I loved seeing her in action as she pulled the finishing touches together for the Crested Butte condo. I snapped this one as she checked her list!

{Even her list is good looking!}

My favorite thing about shopping with Jenny (besides just being with her): she doesn't over think things (I have a LOT to learn from her). She knows her project well and trusts her instincts. If you're paying a designer by the hour, you want her to have the kind of confidence, decision making ability and creative vision that Jenny has. Don't hestiate to contact her if you need a full-service designer.

I'm inspired by your talent, Jenny, and thankful for our friendship!

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Have a great day!


New Card Designs + A Giveaway!

I couldn't resist! My new font purchases gave me just the inspiration I needed to come up with a few new designs...and you get to help me decide which ones to add to my website! Are  you ready???

It started with this concept I tossed out in the last post:

Doesn't this font put you in a jolly mood?
How about a little...

{1 - A fun little stitch that "holds" the photos together}

{2 - Clean and classic when combined with Compendium script}

{3 - horizontal layout with a tree made of dots}

{4 - this cross is a favorite design element of mine}

Or are you more of a MERRY & BRIGHT person?

{5 - same fonts, new words}

{6 - a new way to frame your photo + rearranged words}

And I couldn't resist a classic MERRY CHRISTMAS message:

{7 - so classic, yet fresh!}

And one more variation just for fun...

{8 - too much of a good thing or a keeper?}

Are you overwhelmed yet? Welcome to my world! This is how I work...lots of variations on a theme...endless tweaking and perfecting. Sometimes it's hard for me to stop! It's just so much FUN!!!

Any favorites? Things you like? Leave your vote(s) in the comment box below and you'll be automatically entered the GIVEAWAY! One of you will be win a $50 LLH Designs gift certificate! {Can be applied to cards or stationery.}

A winner will be selected on November 3rd. Be sure to provide your name and email in case you win! {If I don't have an email address for you, be sure to check back here on the blog to see if you won.}

Have a great day, Sweet Readers!
P.S. If you'd like to use one of these designs (or some variation) as your Christmas card this year, email me! I'd love to design a card just for you!


Font Happy

Forget new shoes and handbags this fall...I'm into fonts! If I could wear them, I think I would! Here are a few new ones I plan to use this season:

Compendium is a gorgeous calligraphy-inspired font.
Don't you wish you could write like this?

It'll look gorgeous on it's own or layered over a photo.

For more of a hand-drawn look and a touch of whimsy, I love Lady Rene.

Here's how I've used it so far:

{You can order this design on my website.}

And how about Budmo Jiggler for fresh and fun:

A funny font name, but it's free, so I can't complain!
(I used it for the Mini Design Flea poster.)

I wouldn't design an entire card with Budmo Jiggler,
but I like it mixed in with other fonts:

{Just added this one to my festive sample album!}

Stay tuned to see more of the ways I'm putting these fonts to work!

Happy Monday!


Why In The World Do We Do This?

This is one of those photos I probably shouldn't show you. It's not exactly flattering, and I'm not even sure why I took it. To see how silly I look? Well, I've had enough vanity for one day, so I'm going out on a limb:

Can you read my expression? Why in the world do I do this? I mean really...what's the point? I teach my girls about inner beauty, yet I spend two hours every three months enhancing (or altering?) my outward appearance!

Lord, you gave me pure, blonde hair for 22 years, so that's how I see myself: as a blonde. I tried au naturel, but didn't even look like myself...too dark against this pale skin! Even my girls told me I looked funny! 

Blonde is my comfort zone, but I'll be honest: this highlighting thing is for the birds! It just feels so inconsistent with the rest of my life...with my desire to spend time on things that matter, with my faith that I am fearfully and wonderfully made (dirty blonde hair and all!), and with my chemical free home and all natural diet.

So what's a Mama to do? Just grin and bear it? How about you, Sweet Readers? How do you reconcile all this striving to look good on the outside with what we know is more important? 

Hugs to you from a chemically intoxicated blondie,
P.S. Now when you see me with roots that are in need of some color, you'll know why I let it go so long! I give myself lots of grace in the vanity department. Heck, I haven't even had a bathroom mirror for the last three weeks. It was my daughter who told me it was time to take care of my dark stripe in the middle of my head. I hadn't even noticed. HA! 


Sparkle and Shine!

My husband has stepped up his game on daddy-daughter dates. Sometimes it's sushi (crazy, but my girls love slabs of raw salmon and tuna on rice!); sometimes it's a new outfit; sometimes it's the bookstore. But THIS WEEK, it was a whole new adventure: my youngest wanted her ears pierced.

What's a daddy to do when his baby girl is THIS excited?!?! 


And 15 minutes later...
...she returns home looking so grown up. Gulp.

Even though I wasn't quite ready for such a big girl thing, I'm happy for my youngest...she finally got to do something FIRST! Have fun with your new sparkles, sweet girl! As a precious child of God, you will always "shine like the stars" (Philippians 2:15)...with or without your earrings!

Wishing you a little sparkle and shine today, Sweet Readers!


Beauty In The Fields: Marburger Part Deux

The Marburger Farm Antique Show has come and gone (and so has the time!), but these images are too beautiful not to share. To me...they are timeless. Enjoy!

I'm clearly attracted to French finds...even in the hayfields of Texas!

How about you? Any favorites images?

P.S. Find part one of "Beauty in the Fields" here.
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