Beauty In The Fields: Marburger Part One

Another gorgeous opening day at the Marburger Farm Antique Show...perfect weather and over the top beauty in the booths. {Opening Day was Tuesday, but the show is open through October 2.}

The pictures speak for themselves!

Can't get enough? Me neither! More images HERE. If you live in Houston, you'll find a bit of Marburger and Round Top goodness in the "Shop My House" sale tomorrow (Friday, Oct.1). Details HERE. If you live here and are an anonymous blog reader, I'd LOVE to meet you, so stop by!

Have a great day, Sweet Readers!
Photography note: All images were taken with love and joy by me (using the new camera I need to share with you). If you'd like to use one on your own blog, please link back to LLH Designs. Thanks a bunch!


"Shop My House" Sale This Friday!!!

UPDATE as of 4 PM on 9/30: Several items have sold already, but I've added some new things (not photographed here). See you Friday!

Every now and then, I get the urge to refresh, rearrange and repurpose. If I can't find a place for something in the process, I like to let it go and know that someone else is enjoying it. No storage unit for me!

So...I invite you to my first "Shop My House" sale this Friday, October 1, from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm. {For directions to my house, send me an email. I live in West U/Houston.} Similar concept to the Mini Design Flea, only much smaller scale and without my fabulous friends Holly and Tricia.

Here's what I've got so far:

{Burlap chair...just bought at Marburger. So cute!}

{three ball topiary with urn}

{Bird cage lamp; two brand new linen shades.}
*LAMP SOLD; shades available*

{Pottery Barn chair + ottoman with cushion}

{large mirror}

{antique side table}


{French Comptoir de Famille seat cushions}

{Antique wine jug and basket; just purchased in Round Top.}

{Sold out at the Mini Design Flea, but found two more!}

{Architectural elements; just purchased in Warrenton.}


{Antique French botanical prints}

{Italian fragment; just purchased at Marburger}

{French inspired art}

{two dried eucalyptus wreaths}

{table skirt and topper for 30" round table)

{Brand new burlap skirt and linen topper
from Wisteria...AND a 30" round table!}

a 9x12 seagrass rug with a rug pad!!!

Whew! That's it for now, but you never know what I'll pull out between now and Friday. The sale will be inside my home {in my dining room}. Very low key...come as you are. If you can't make it but see something you'd like, just email me with an offer. It it's close, it's yours. If it's too high, I'll counter with a better deal. {Nothing is over $200.} You can't lose!

"Everything in the heavens and on earth is Yours, O Lord..." (1 Chronicles 29:11).


Warrenton Finds + Table Update + SALE!

Time for "part deux" of my trip to Warrenton...this time with a look at the things I bought. Looks like enough to open a small shop (I'll be "playing store" at my house this Friday). It was too hot to think, so if I loved it and the price was right, in the car it went!

A few close-ups:

I can't resist weathered metal pieces...
and am always a sucker for hydrangeas!

Chippy paint and a bird cage lamp:

I created a little vignette with my small finds:

Chair details:

And the best find of the day:
a washboard for my old fashioned girls! 

{My youngest was inside changing clothes...her favorite past time!}

And no, I didn't find a table, but guess what? My very own "table angel" has intervened! This long, drawn-out table drama will have a happy ending very soon! Can't wait to show you!

But to make room for a table, I've got to clear out the things that have landed in the dining room during   my re-nesting and rearranging phase. Time for a MINI SALE! I'm thinking 11-1 in my dining room THIS FRIDAY. I'm even including some of the things you see in the photos above. Stay tuned for details!

I'll be back soon!


Antiquing in Warrenton: Part One

I'm not usually a weekend blogger, but God woke me up early with a desire to write and share, so here we go! I've got my Fage Greek yogurt, nutty gluten free granola and giant mug of green tea. Care to join me?

I drove out to Warrenton yesterday (about an hour and a half from Houston) for some serious antiquing. Serious in the sense that there was more stuff in that one small town than I've ever seen in my entire life!  {Here's a good link and a great map. Wish I had seen this before I went!}

My favorite image of the day:

The Seed Box booth at Cole's.
{They're also Urban Market favorites. I always find a treasure...
like this little tree that I use to hang gift tags.}

French Vanilla at Zapp Hall.
{Another Urban Market favorite. I even saw them in Maine (here)!}

More French Vanilla.

Cindy Clark at Zapp Hall.
{I took this shot just for you, T! You can see more of
the great stuff in her booth here. So well priced.}

Dave Lennard at Excess.
{Look familiar? Same table I had on approval here. Cheaper in the field.}

Artifactual at Bar W.
{This is where a lot of antique dealers buy their French Bordeaux jugs.}

The grain sack trend continues.
{A vendor at Arbor Antiques; don't remember the name.}

The coolest lamp...the base was once used to print wallpaper.
{The heat had gotten to me at this point; no clue which tent I'm in here!}

Weathered doors for $250 a pair...Bar W???

Reminds me of the wagon I saw in Maine!

Vintage wire baskets filled with softballs!?!? I've done a lot 
with softballs (fast ball, curve ball, change up, rise ball,
drop ball and knuckle ball...looking like this),
but a filler for vintage baskets? Interesting!

WARRENTON vs. MARBURGER {for those who want to know}: Here's what I'll say about Warrenton: most of the booths aren't as styled and sophisticated as the ones you'll see at Marburger, but there's no shortage of good stuff. In fact, a whole bunch of Marburger vendors shop Warrenton early then turn around and sell it for double in their booths at Marburger. If you like inspiring presentation and less clutter to sift through/overwhelm you, Marburger is for you. But if you if you like deals and don't mind sorting through fields of junk to find the treasures, Warrenton is the place!

Happy Saturday!
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