Tweaking Around The House

Tired of shopping, don't want to spend money, but want to make things feel fresh and interesting around your house? Me, too! Let's put the wallet away, the cell phone down (step AWAY from the computer) and move some things around. If you've got the strength and energy to move major furniture, be my guest, but I'm sticking to the little things.

First stop, this desk I bought from Urban Market a while back.

Love everything about it and am proud to say it's my one genuine antique furniture piece from France (I just try to make everything else in my house look old and French!).


{pardon the bad and blurry photo}

Just fine, but safe and predictable. {Which is very "me" by the way, but safe isn't always where we need to be. I'm trying to let God teach me that more these days.}

So...I ditched the "safe" botanical, reframed a print my sister made for me a decade or so ago, hung it with a wooden key from Target (that I lime waxed myself) and an Anthropologie zinc letter "H." Then took the lamp off my game table and tweaked and re-tweaked the little accessories.

Enough words, how about a close up! {I've got to talk less, show more...or we'll be here all day!}

But the botanical is a keeper, and there are others like it around the house, so I regrouped it to give the front entry/hall space more height and presence.

{Here is what it looked like before.}

And while in the front/entry area, I decided I was tired of looking at my faux three-ball topiary by the front door.  I always wanted a little table up front but have very little space. The powder room table! Perfect! The little bathroom was too crowded anyway!

My back door table is full of junk, but the front door...cute for now! And because the tweaking process brings out the A.D.D. in all of us, I got distracted while in the powder room. Get the table, Linsey! Or walk some loops around the house again...this time looking for new bathroom shelf things!

Then back to the game table where I was missing a lamp (because I moved it to the French desk). I moved a lampshade from across the room and LOVE it here:

The funny thing is that I pulled the lamp base from the garage where it's been since the Mini Design Flea. I'm so glad it didn't sell!

Then I remembered the empty shadow box I bought THREE YEARS ago (that's how long it can take me to execute things!). I didn't want to spend a lot of time overthinking what went in the box, so a quick loop around the house and here's what I added:

And in case you're wondering, that's a trivet on the wall. Found it in Maine this summer and am amazed it found a home so fast (weeks instead of months or years!). I ran out of steam before finding a home for these things:

With card season right around the corner, the reality is...they may sit there a while. And that's okay.

In the name of imperfection (and for the sake of keeping it real), I've got three things to reveal:
  1. I hung everything about five times before getting it right. Lots of extra holes in the walls, but I'm the only one who will ever see them. I had no desire to measure and plan. Didn't want to spoil the fun!
  2. My husband laughs at me for moving something just a touch and thinking it makes all the difference in the world...then moving it back! Tweak should be my middle name!
  3. I hide the imperfections with my camera (zoom in) or in Photoshop (crop). Here's what you'd see if you were standing inside my front door for REAL today:

...all the boring stuff! I'd much rather be creative
than deal with this mess!

Happy Monday!

P.S. If you need to be reminded of something meaningful and true and delightful today, read this post titled Twirl. What a great reminder that God delights in me not because I can tweak my house to death or create beautiful cards or use my camera and words well. He delights in me because I AM HIS. Now that's something to twirl about today! {I can't believe I've never told you about the "Captivating" retreat I went to in April. Amazing...and I'm not even a retreat girl!}


Table Burnout

Well, friends, I've hit my limit. I'm all shopped out. Sharing finds with you makes shopping fun for awhile, but I can only handle so much before I start to feel tired and empty...kind of hollow actually. Is it just me or does shopping do that to everyone?

I have a feeling I'll find a table when I least expect it, but for now, I've got this verse on my mind (it becomes my prayer when I feel overstimulated by worldly things):
Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways. (Psalm 119:37)
Not to say tables are entirely worthless, but I do begin to feel a little on the worthless side when I shop too much! Time to give my attention to other things God has given me...family, friends, Christmas cards (LLH Designs re-opens after Labor Day...lots to do!). But before I switch gears, a few final table images.

For all you zinc lovers:

Love the chairs:

A beautiful oval with great patina:

{2 Lucy's}

Love the clover cut-out in the base:


Clean and simple:

{from Vieux}

From my favorite catalog, Wisteria:

Very tempting to buy Wisteria's super French looking table (despite it's 43-inch width) and be done with it (especially since we are hosting 80 parents for a 4th grade dinner next month...double yikes!). But then I look back over all my photos and remember how much I love the intimate feel of a narrow table:

{Sent to me by a lovely new friend and
blog reader who lives in France.}

Someday, just the right table will fill this space:

Until then...
we may have to invest in a folding table and a drop cloth!

 Have a great week, Sweet Readers!


What's A Mom To Do...

...when her children go back to school? SHOP. Because there's just too much to do at home. Because I'm in denial that summer is over. Because I wasn't ready to jump back into the routine.

Oh, and because I'm still hunting for a dining room table. (A drama that began here; continued here, here, here and here; almost done here, but didn't work out as planned, so HERE I am again, looking for tables!) Whew! Wears me out just looking back at all those posts! But I've learned a lot about tables in the process...could almost write a book!

I didn't find the perfect table yet, but I managed to spend a school day finding all sorts of other things to share with you!

First stop: Antiques and Interiors on Dunlavy.
A few of my fetishes: sconces, scallops, baskets, mirrors.

Just a few blocks further down the road: The Guild Shop,
a consignment shop that's always buzzing (be prepared
to rummage and buy on the spot if you really want it).

And just a few more blocks: a great Marshalls.
Bought the parrot pillow for my sister.

Then across town (for my "inside the loop" self anyway) to
Memorial Antiques and Interiors, where one of my faves, 2 Lucy's,
was unloading new stuff. I wish the oval table had been a little larger!

I'd love to find a place to put this large, scallop-edged wooden box
from Maura Cannon's booth (also at MAI):

One favorite treasure finding spot I had to save for another day:
Heights Antiques on Yale. (Maura also has a great booth there.)

As fun as it was to shop sans les filles (without the girls), seeing their smiles at pick-up time was the best part of my day! Not a thing I can buy compares to what they give me for free: hugs and love!

And what a joy it was to watch them soak up a few last moments with one of their favorite babysitters before she goes to college. We've been blessed to know some wonderful teenage girls...how we miss them when they leave. Time to find another "date night" babysitter so my husband and I can keep up our seven-year tradition!

I'll be back with more tables soon (the main reason I went shopping). I didn't find one with my name on it, but maybe one that inspires YOU!

Happy "Back To School" Week!


Maine Antiques Festival

Y'ALL! {I just yelled that in my best Texas voice....can you hear it?} You wouldn't believe the antiquing in Midcoast Maine. A-MA-ZING. Quality antiques everywhere for prices you can actually afford!

After 17 summers, I've hardly scratched the surface (we spend most of our time on the water), but the one show I try not to miss is the Maine Antiques Festival at the Union Fairgrounds. It's kind of like Marburger Farm (though the weather in Maine is a huge advantage over Round Top...as are the prices!).

A few things that caught my eye:

Does this image scream "antiques in a field" or what?!?! Love it!

I really wanted the middle box in this next stack:

Maine antiques are generally classic and American vs. hip and trendy,
(refreshing despite my love of all things French)
but this chair was an exception, and available for a song:

Speaking of classic American, I fell in love with these Pennsylvania
butter molds, but WOW are they expensive...as in many hundreds
of dollars (clearly I'm not the only one who likes them)!

A few more lovelies...

And remember my small weathered pot fetish?

Those were too big for my suitcase, so I came home with these:

Love those chipped edges!

And speaking of chipped, if I didn't have to think about how to get
it home, I would have bought the overdoor at the top of this photo:

Love this old wagon/farm cart:

Wishing I had brought home one of these mini
washboards for my youngest daughter. She loves them!

Last, but not least, my jaw dropped when I ran into one of my
favorite Urban Market vendors, French Vanilla, in MAINE!

I still can't believe it!

If I didn't know I'd see them back in Texas, I would've
been tempted to buy more than a few things...

I'll always want to hug Peg when I see her now!

Love the scallops (and check out that sky):

And no trip to the Union antique show would be complete without the best
fried haddock ever (I indulged despite my gluten allergy...it's that good!).

People who really know their stuff say it's worth it to shop in Maine and ship stuff back home, but all I've managed it this point is what I can fit in a suitcase. Secretly...I was hoping to find the perfect long and narrow antique dining table. The table drama continues (my European craftsman didn't work out). I'm on the verge of buying an Ikea table and skirting it with a big ol' piece of burlap as a "tide-me-over" until I find the perfect table...just so my husband and I can get back to having people in our home for our wine dinners. After all, people matter more than tables. (But that doesn't mean I'm not still looking...I'll keep you posted!)

Happy Day, Sweet Readers!


Missing Maine Already

Home. Sigh. I'm a homebody, so I'm always happy to get back, but a quick look through my photos makes me miss Maine already. And since I'm not ready to face the heat, the laundry, the four-week pile of mail and the back-to-school schedule, I think I'll just blog as if I were still enjoying cool, coastal air.

There's lots I'd love to share with you (an unexpected winery visit, the Union Antique Fair, gorgeous Rockefeller gardens, more island adventures), but for today, I'll just leave you with some of my favorite Maine memories.

And my favorite image...in a moody kind of way:

I'm convinced there's nowhere more beautiful than Midcoast Maine this time of year (and nowhere more perfect to test drive a new camera). How very blessed I am to enjoy a month there every summer with the ones I love.

As soon as I tackle a few things around the house, I'll be back with a few more Maine posts and some scoop on the new camera. Then it's back to some nesting projects (table drama continues) and of course, prepping for the launch of a new card season. Fun times!

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