What I Love About My Clients

It's no secret that I have the most wonderful clients EVER, but just in case you're wondering what makes my Christmas card clients extra special, here's my Top 10 list:

1. They are PASSIONATE about Christmas cards...

...and are excited to have original, custom creations.

2. They TRUST ME entirely...

{Photography by Karen Sachar}

...and let me surprise them with unexpected ideas.

3. They love MEANINGFUL messages...

...and give me freedom to write what inspires me.

4. They love exquisite DETAILS...

...like the new scalloped shape...

...and the artistic watercolor paper with a deckled edge.

5. They have the CUTEST kids...

...and choose fabulous photographers whose images inspire me.

{Photography by Beth Looney}

{Photography by Karen Sachar}

6. They are open to trying NEW things...

...like using a child's drawing of the family.

7. They are LOYAL...

...and return to me year after year.

8. They are GENEROUS in spirit...

...for every card sent is a gift.

9. They fall IN LOVE with their cards...

...and are sweet enough to tell me so.

10. They inspire me to give my VERY BEST...

...year after year.

There's so much more to love, but with nearly 80 custom designs this year (a record!), I don't think you want me to show off each and every one. We'd be here awhile! Wink!

To my clients, THANK YOU for seven fabulous seasons of Christmas cards, and for an abundant, creative, joy-filled 2010 season!

Merry Christmas with love and joy,


  1. You were a busy bee this season! Such great work. Blessings to you in 2011

  2. My gosh Linsey, these were so beautiful it got me all vaklempt. And I don't even KNOW these people. I think that means you're really good :)

    Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

  3. oh sweet friend...i LOVE seeing all the designs. Gets me excited about what you'll come up with NEXT year. Promise ill wait a good 9 months though before i start bugging you about it!

    Love you...kudos to you for another successful season! Now go enjoy your family and the last few days before Christmas!

  4. Wonderful Linsey, so creative! I love seeing all those adorable kids! Merry Christmas! Trish

  5. linsey you are amazing!!
    gorgeous cards & yes of gorgeous little ones!
    i especially love the little red/blue joy...so cutexo

  6. Wow, look at all these! I think I love that one with the drawings the best. The Joy to the World one is fabulous too. Happy holidays!

  7. Wow- that's quite a collection of gorgeous creations. Congrats on closing out what sounds like a successful season. Cheers to you, your vision and business savvy.

    We adore our card and I've saved sharing it with my readers for my Christmas eve post.
    Merry Christmas to you my sweet friend.

  8. Good work, kiddo....you have indeed found your lampshade!x0x0x

  9. Truly the most beauitful cards I've ever seen. AMAZING!!

  10. These are some of the most beautiful cards I have seen!! I cant WAIT to have my own custom cards with my new name next year :)

  11. Thank you for all of your sweet comments. I'm sure my clients are enjoying your rave reviews!


  12. That's our friend Grace at the top! (Well, my M's friend!). We got two LLH designs this year and they are just lovely. I might visit you for our "in between" holiday cards next year!

  13. Linsey, next Christmas please remind me that you can make that top card. It's TO DIE FOR!


  14. beautiful work, linsey! I love getting a peek at what you've worked so hard on. they truly are little pieces of art. hope you are enjoying some down time with your family -- a

  15. We love our card so much! Thank you for all your hard work! And, of course, every card here is just beautiful! Take pride in that and rest A LOT over the holidays!! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family! :)

  16. Very lovely cards Linsey! Your clients must be more than pleased with you.

    Merry Christmas to you - JOYEUX NOEL

    Greetings from the Périgord

  17. love your work...can't say it enough!!!

  18. Lynsey - they are all beautiful! Classic, timeless and graceful designs.

    What I want to know is who took that first image with Santa in the car??? That deserves some props. NIce styling. Really - Who took it?

  19. Allison, I think it's Christine Meeker's photo. I've been meaning to double check that with my client. When I saw that photo, I was thrilled that I got to be the one to design a card with it!

    Of course I still love MY photos best...the fabulous ones YOU took for us!


  20. Your designs are absolutely STUNNING! As a designer myself, I know all the time, effort and love that went into each one. Congrats on an amazing holiday season!


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