No Super Woman Here

As I looked around my housekeeperless house this morning, I felt a lump of anxiety rise up in my throat. How to keep up with everything in the house while finishing all the custom orders in my studio?

I was feeling pretty defeated when I saw this taped to the back door:

Sweet girl. It's Day 7 of December and I haven't put a single thing in the Advent calendar. A reminder that I can't do it all. I tried channeling my inner Super Woman yesterday when I realized: it's not a better version of myself I need, but a bigger view of my God.

Despite all that has gone undone -- laundry, grocery shopping, Advent goodies, replacing rotting fall decor with a fresh Christmas wreath on my studio door....

...there's lots that God is doing through me and for me. Not because I'm Super Woman, but because He is bigger than all of my needs and provides the help I need...through even the smallest hands.

{I told you she was my "Sparkle and Shine!"}

And then there's my Card Angel: a mother of nearly grown children who could be out and about enjoying her free time, yet she chooses to spend her time helping little ol' me! She's the reason my cards ever make it into their cute little tote boxes!

And my Too-Good-To-Be-True Husband. If I told you everything he does this time of year, you might keel over in disbelief (or envy, and I wouldn't want that!). Just minutes ago, he showed up unexpectedly with a much-needed pick me up:

TEN MORE DAYS of all day/all night creating in my happy little corner...

...then I'll tend to the rest of my life. Until then, I'm thankful for the little bits of help that remind me I don't have to be Super Woman. And my hope for you today: that you know YOU don't have to be Super Woman either!



  1. i put my cards in the mail today!!! i cannot even begin to tell you how much i love them!! So excited for my friends to see them! Thanking God for your wonderful talent, but thanking him more for the wonderful friendship i have in you!

    Hang in there...just 10 more days!


  2. Whew~ thanks for the reminder. Just getting started on my shopping/prep for an upcoming trip/sewing more linen ornaments/keeping up with the elf and advent/ oh yeah, and the full time job~ eek!!! hee, hee...I'm having fun with all of it really and I know deep down inside, so are you. :) This is what makes a glass of good red wine so much more enjoyable.

  3. Whew, one breath at a time, a prayer at a time! Totally understanding how you feel...last year did me in...officially! Praying God gives you grace and peace the next few days, your products are beautiful!

  4. Jenny J, you are the SWEETEST! Thank you!

    T, you are absolutely right about enjoying my glass of wine all the more!

    Ashley, thanks for the prayers! I'm not done in yet...but close!


  5. Every executive needs a good team and it seems you have one :)

  6. b.r.e.a.t.h.e
    Love seeing your Corner of Creation.
    Merriest Christmas to you & yours!!!

  7. love your packaging! almost there...

  8. Chin up...keep calm and work on!

    I have a quote for you - in reference to your beautiful mess (housekeeperless home).


    Deep breaths.


  9. I also love your packaging! Good luck finishing up! Everything will be great.

  10. Didn't an elf provide some things for the advent calendar or did they not get delivered?


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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