Breaking In The New Table

I can't wait to fill my new table with fresh food, good friends and some big red wines, but in the peak of card season, this is how I'm breaking it in:

I spend hours with each and every card order...dreaming, designing, printing, packaging. And in minutes, each tote box is gone. But when I see the joy these cards bring my clients, it makes every hour worth it! 

Two more weeks of this joyful madness...then I'll start thinking about that wine dinner! 

Happy weekend, Sweet Readers!


  1. it's so sweet to read about all the love you put into each card design. right down to the beauitful way they are packaged up. I bet it your client's whole week when they pick them up and see the finished product.

  2. I'm so glad you shared your cute boxes with everyone here as I was so impressed when I first saw them. Then when I saw what was inside, WOWEE lady! We love our cards and have gotten so many compliments on them already. Enjoy the weekend and hopefully we can squeeze in a toast together before the big day.

  3. linsey, thank you so much for the photography love. i'm so flattered that you liked what i posted.
    i LOVE the picture of your girls on the bed. may be in my top 5 fave images ever!

    i love how you package your cards in the super cute boxes!!
    i wish i had gotten my act together intime to order from you. i love your creations. i still haven't even picked out an image yet...ugh

  4. What a professional and CUTE way to send your "love" home with clients! Love those tote boxes!!!

  5. I love how you package your cards! Very cute! When I had my stationery business I had the hardest time packaging the larger sets of Christmas cards and making htem look cute! This is the best I have seen! Bravo!

  6. Thanks for the packaging comments! I could get carried away (and spend way too much money) on packaging because there are so many creative ideas out there, but even after five years, I still love these tote boxes. Simple is always better in my book, so I try to resist getting too fancy! :) Glad you like the look!


  7. Ooh...your packaging is so perfect! Love it:)

  8. I absolutely love our cards! They are so beautiful, and it makes the tedious task of addressing, stuffing, and mailing much more enjoyable! Thank you!

  9. Your packaging is beautiful. I love seeing all the boxes lined up on your table. Sounds like you've been busy. Hang in there! You're almost there! I'm positive everyone is loving their cards!

    Merry Christmas!


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