Tree Trimming Fun

Forget shopping the day after Thanksgiving...we like to decorate! It's our family tradition! Christmas music piping through the house, hot apple cider, pumpkin spice cookies and even a fire (thanks to a cold front that blew in the night before)!

{When it's not cold enough for a fire, we've been known
to crank down the A/C just to make it feel like winter!}

As always, the highlight of the day is hanging ornaments on the tree. "Oooh...I love this one! Remember when...." Listening to my girls reminded me so much of my sister and me when we were little. Good times!

I confess, I used to micromanage and move the ornaments only minutes after the girls hung them, but this year, I just let them have their fun (and only moved a few). They did a fabulous job! My brilliant tip: use a step stool! {Unless you like having only the bottom half of your tree decorated. Wink!}

New to our tree last year...a train!

For those who can't stand decorating for Christmas in November, perhaps you'll give me grace since my home is my storefront this time of year (and Christmas cards are my main business). It helps get my clients (and me!) in the spirit! Look at the difference twinkling lights and a little greenery makes!

Thew view from my front door BEFORE...

...and AFTER!

And our family room BEFORE...

...and AFTER!

All this sparkle makes me want to have a party!
{Just not sure when I'll fit that in with cards!}

So how about you, Sweet Readers...do you have any tree trimming memories or traditions? I hope your decorating day (or maybe your decision not to decorate at all) brings you great joy!

Happy Monday!
P.S. Stay tuned for some of my favorite ornaments...and where to find some like them!


  1. I really love seeing the before and after pictures! They are both beautiful, warm and inviting. --- Would you mind sharing where you found your lamp and shade behind your sofa? I've been looking for a lamp, and that one looks so nice. I love how you see the glow from your front door.

    Always enjoy your blog.


  2. Your tree is gorgeous Lins!! We put up our tree this weekend too and I'm finally feeling a bit more festive. Have a great week.

  3. I love your shabby door. I have one similar that now holds a Christmas wreath and SLAH metal stocking. I used white iron shelf brackets from HL on the front and back at the bottom, so as not to lean it against the wall. I also added a shelf. I love changing the vignets seasonally!


  4. Oh, I loved seeing more pics of your beautiful home! Gorgeous both with and without your Christmas decorations! No way is Novemeber too early!!

  5. LOVE seeing your pics! Im almost finished around here. Shan took care of the outside before he left for a work trip today. want to have everything else finished up by the time our tree is delivered on the 1st!!! i just love this time of year!

    do i spy a roman shade in the kitchen.....


  6. Aww....y'all are so sweet to comment on a busy Monday!

    Christi - I bought my lamps at Laurie's Antiques in Tomball, Texas, but I think they may have originally come from Lacefield Designs (www.lacefielddesigns.com).

    Jenny J - Yes, you do spy a roman! With a box pleat instead of a knife edge, but it's better than nothing for now! A long time coming!

    xo to all...Linsey

  7. Lovely Linsey!!!!! I started a few days ago and am slowly putting up Christmas. Love it! Merry, merry!!

  8. Your house looks beautiful! Like you, I decorated for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. It really sets the mood of the season!

  9. i want to come over to your house - it's so festive! i wish we had a tree with lights in our house year round, so nov. doesn't feel early to me. this year we have most of ornaments on the top 2/3rds of the tree -- M likes to take them all off the bottom!

  10. Oh my goodness! Your home is Beautiful!! Off to read more.


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