Thanksgiving Tree

I woke up at 5:45 this morning (very uncharacteristic of me on a cold, rainy morning...or any morning for that matter!). I was half-thinking and half-praying about all that's on my plate between now and Christmas, when suddenly my "half prayers" turned into no prayers and my "half thinking" turned into over thinking (aka "anxiety"). You know the feeling?

So I got up, got dressed, tiptoed down the stairs to make my tea and get to work on some card orders when I ran into this:

Our little Thanksgiving Tree.

I'll be honest, I threw these little "I am thankful for..." cards together and loaned my girls the tree from my studio just to occupy them while I worked on Christmas card orders. But as children often do, they took it to heart...and warmed my heart in the process. Here's an up-close look at some of the things they added to the tree:

How's that for starting your day off right? Thank you, my precious girls, for reminding me to replace my anxious thoughts with thanks and praise.

Between my last post and this one, I'm beginning to see a theme: giving thanks really does make a difference in our hearts and minds. It's not just something we should do on Thanksgiving Day...but every day! In fact, our little Thanksgiving Tree may become a part of our year-round decor!

Happy Day to you, Sweet Readers!


  1. Love this, what a wonderful way to start the day!

  2. I love your Thanksgiving Tree!! It's such a cute idea!! And such a great way to give thanks! You always have the best ideas, Linsey!! And I especially love this one!!! xoxoxoxo

  3. It is hard to think "thankful" thoughts everyday.....but like anything it can become a habit.....and after looking at that beautiful picture of your family...I know that you just need to look at that everyday!

  4. love this Thanksgiving tree...precious!

  5. Love this tree SO much...and your girls' hearts are pure & loving. What a way to wake up. (Maybe even better than a Starbucks, huh?).

  6. The Starbucks card made me laugh! My husband often takes them there for daddy daughter dates. They love the green tea lemonade. They also have lots of natural snack options!

  7. Linsey, This is so sweet! What a great project for your children.

  8. What a sweet, sweet keepsake. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Oh I LOVE your tree!! And I am completely with you on the busyness of this season...it's overwhelming!


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