Perfect Weather + Urban Market = GO!

Before I snuggle under my cozy covers, I wanted to share these photos from the Urban Market Preview Party for anyone who's on the fence about going on Sunday. If you live in Houston, you know the weather doesn't get any more perfect that this, so why not enjoy it in an open field full of antiques and fresh market fare?

The vendors had lots of fresh goods this time around (maybe the spending freeze is over?). Here's a peek through the lens of my Canon:

From French Vanilla...also seen here and here.

How I LOVE scallops! Of course I had to buy these!
And I love it that French Vanilla owners Peg and Jon
make these themselves. Email Peg if you'd like a set.

Not sure how I walked away from this chair and ottoman.
I have a slight addiction and absolutely NO need. Bad combo.

Oh, and I have a light fetish, too...but I left these for you:

I love this one from Maura Cannon:

And a salute to my pitching days:

{French Vanilla}

My pots! More just for you!

And something for the holidays:

Scherry's fresh made wreaths. I can't wait to have her make
a few for my Christmas Open House.
{Click here to email Sherry.}

And now I'm off to enjoy my extra hour of sleep!
Happy Weekend, Friends!

P.S. Have I ever mentioned that the amazingly talented owner and organizer of Urban Market, Jackie Sharbrough, has an antiques business of her own? You can shop her booth over at Antiques and Interiors on Dunlavy. She has great taste!


  1. Darn, darn, darn: I cannot go. And your photos are killing me!!!! I WANT to go now. Hey - do you have contact info on the Christmas wreaths??? Hugs!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Linsey--I just re-found your blog! It's like finding a $20 bill in your jacket pocket that you haven't worn in ages. The best kind of find. Hooray! So sad I missed Urban Market today. I HATE missing it. Have misplaced The Garland Girls contact info. Can you please send along? Many thanks!

  4. I've just linked Scherry's name above to her email address. I'm sure she'll be glad to hear from you!

    Sweet comment, Caroline. Glad to be your long lost blog find any day!


  5. Thank you, Linsey. I love all of your great photographs and your kind words. Glad you found some super treasues!
    Jackie Sharbrough

  6. What a beautiful market. Love your scalloped shelves and then that chair and ottoman - fantastic!


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