My New Dining Room Table

The dining room table drama wore me out! I started here, tried zinc here, almost had one made here, burnout happened here, sticker shock happened here (are you tired yet?). Then card season started and everything else faded away...so I haven't had a chance to show you what's sitting in my dining room!


Just when I had given up, a table angel intervened. Isn't that how it always happens? Here's a better look at the base (wish my end chairs weren't hiding it...may have to leave one pulled away):

Does it look familiar? Kinda like the one I saw in Dallas? That table was just over $12,000! Gulp. So I had to get creative and design my own...a little more slender and to my exact specs:

I was flattered when the builder asked if I had an architectural background after seeing the precision of my sketches. Nope...just overly detail-oriented and a little too particular! Wink!

But there's more to the story...and more talent required that what I possess. Here's how the table looked just after it was built:

The top is a bit too "barnish" (150-year old barn wood from Virgina) and the base all new, so I called the very talented Tamara Moore to come over and work her painting, antiquing magic.

Not only is Tamara amazing at what she does, but she's a pleasure to be around. She inspires me with her passion for painting, her attention to detail and her friendly, fun disposition. I've put her to work all over my house (chairs, an armoire, maybe some antiquing on my bathroom cabinets...). Oh, and Tamara also has a booth at MAI and Antiques and Interiors on Dunlavy...both are great places in to shop in Houston.

I'm thrilled with my new table. It will definitely hold me off until I find my authentic French antique in Provence...if that day ever comes! Until then, I'm beyond content and blessed...and thankful for the people I met in the process. As we all know, PEOPLE MATTER MORE THAN TABLES!

Now back to card designing! Have a great day!


  1. perfection.

    love, love,love it!!!

  2. FINALLY. ;) It was well worth the wait Linsey. Just gorgeous!!

  3. Love it! And just in time for the holidays!

  4. I love it. It looks so great in your dining room!

  5. i was looking forward to seeing this! it looks gorgeous!! makes the room!

  6. OK, we're waiting for an invitation to dinner. Such a pretty room shouldn't go to waste!!!

  7. That last picture is so pretty. It showcases your dining room-- which is perfection. Yum!!!

    I love the base and the curves on the end of the table. You did a fantastic job designing it. Very pretty!!!

    So happy for you..and just in time for holiday entertaining! :)

  8. Beautiful...it looks great in the space with everything else!

  9. Wow! The wait was worth it, right??? Your dining room is a vision!!!!!

  10. Thanks for showing us Linsey...it's beautiful!

  11. It is such a beautiful table! Defiintely worth the wait!

  12. Linsey, The table is beautiful and is perfect for your gorgeous dining room!

  13. What a beautiful dining table, and your dining room is just stunning!
    Jo :)

  14. At last! And it looks gorgeous, too.


  15. Your table looks beautiful and that is so nice that you designed it yourself!

  16. It looks awesome. I love the wooden top.

  17. Congratulations, Linsey. The table looks just wonderful! Love the whole story from dream, through angst, to just right! Trish

  18. Wow, that's nice. The tabletop decorations are lovely, as well.


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