Giving Thanks: A Cure-All

I'm having one of those days. The kind people don't usually write about because it's not inspiring, encouraging or pretty. A mix of overwhelmed and discouraged with a touch of irritated and hurt. I told you it wasn't pretty! So why share it with you? Because I'm hoping for a heart change as I write.

As I woke up this rainy morning and walked past heaps of laundry I don't have time to do, my thoughts began to take a downward turn. Then as I carried my stinky trash and rotting pumpkins out to the curb while my neighbor's nanny did it for her, I felt a pang of "I could use a little help over here!" irritation. And as I remembered a broken friendship, I tried to push the hurt aside but couldn't. Then there's the pile of orders I've yet to fulfill...all with a headache and brain fog hovering over me.

Can you see where I'm going here? Well, I'm here to tell you it needs to stop. Because friends, while all of this is true and real today, something important is missing:

In everything, give thanks, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus (I Thessalonians 5:18). God's will? As in...HIS PURPOSE FOR ME? No wonder I'm out of sorts today!

So here I am to confess that while I'd love for you to feel sorry for me today, that will not change my day. And it certainly won't help yours. What WILL change our day is taking God's words to heart: GIVE THANKS IN EVERYTHING...despite the circumstances. I'll go first:


My husband.

He's literally the glue in our family this time of year. He cooks, he cleans, he grocery shops...and sometimes even counts envelopes and packages cards. I know...it's almost too good to be true. I'm in awe of the man he's become in the last 13 years...a man who loves the Lord and pours that love out on his family as a humble servant, a strong leader, a tender father and a best friend. {I wish you could see my tears of thanksgiving as I write this, JD. I don't deserve you!}

My songbird.

My oldest daughter is not only sweet and smiley, but she fills our home with music on a daily basis. Not just any music, but praise and worship songs that she writes herself. Accompanied by a guitar she plays herself. All without any lessons or formal training. It's just pure giftedness, and I'm blessed to hear this gift in my home each day. {Someday I'll ask her if I can share one of her songs with you.}

My sparkle.

My youngest reminds me that life isn't meant to be as predictable as I'd like to make it. Her passion challenges me daily. And she sure knows how to make a mama feel loved with her hugs, hand-made cards and sweetest-ever nicknames. One of my favorites: "Sweet Angel Mama." Something I admire about her: she knows how to live life to the full and is teaching me to do the same. {Thank you, precious one.}

  • a sister who "gets" me
  • parents who've given much to me
  • new friends who've surprised me
  • old friends who've stuck by me
  • a prayer partner who will go to the depths with me
  • teenage girls who've taught me
  • clients who've returned to me
  • a card helper who's blessed me
  • YOU...who've "listened" to me
I could go on, but now it's your turn. What are you thankful for today?

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. I should add that I was feeling rather grumpy when I started this post, but in the process of giving thanks, something began to shift. Why am I so surprised when obedience brings blessing? Thank you, Lord.


  1. great post...we all have days like that...glad your heart is back on track! :)
    as for me, I'm thankful for many things, big and small. right at this moment I am thankful to hear my boys playing together in the other room and making each other laugh, I'm thankful my 8 year old still calls me Mama, I'm thankful we've got mama & son movie night planned with popcorn made on the stove, and that it's almost bedtime for my baby who will still snuggle with me while he drinks his milk and I read him stories, oh and yes, I'm thankful for our heater and fluffy down comforters because it is going to freeze tonight...enjoy your thanksgiving with your beautiful family - hopefully around your gorgeous new dining room table...

  2. awww, friend. ive been thinking about you all week, but knew you probably super busy and didnt want to bug. Sorry now that i didnt at least send a quick email to say hi! Im glad that your heart is back in line. ill be praying for you that it stays that way, that you have endurance for the rest of your card season, for JD and his responsibilites, and that you just have the most god-filled days ahead. happy turkey day lins!

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your family. They are certainly lucky to have you also......I know so many people who are struggling these days. I am thankful that I have my health [along with my brothers and sisters] a home, and the wisdom and sensitivity to know how unbelievably blessed I am for that.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  4. Like you, I've learned to praise & thank Him when going down into that pit. It's the perfect Rx for our soul, right? I am grateful for: the healthiest, most-restorative fall for our 20 yrs. old in 10+ years, for the wink he gives me across a room, for My Guy of 33 years who I still adore, for a clean home in anticipation for tomorrow, for MY prayer partners who battle & praise for me & mine. For blog friends who open their hearts...and share.

  5. You used one of my favorite verses today. I had a day like that some time ago and God reminded me that giving thanks might not change my circumstances but giving thanks would change my heart. I'm thankful for so much: little boys that love their mama, my sweet man who provides and allows me to stay at home, our health, family, for Jesus! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. What a perfect verse. Perfect for me to read just this second. God is good.

    LOVED this post!

  7. It has encouraged me. Great post!


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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