Anthropologie's Coolest Catalog Ever

If you've ever been to an Anthropologie store, you know they take their styling seriously, but the new November catalog takes the cake. It's so creative I can hardly stand it!

The cover is a little too Vogue or "modelista" for my taste...

...but the inside is spectacular!

I'm dying over the mix of real life and imagination!
{The font on the right side of the paper boat is one of my favorites:
Nelly Script by Crystal Kluge. I used it on my Thanksgiving card HERE.}

Perfectly delightful...

...and oh, so refreshing!

Love those sheep!
This image might be my favorite:

Something about the faucet reminds me of my sister's collages:

And how whimsical is this image?

Can you tell what they're selling here?

I was so enamored that I almost missed the belts, purse and boots!

But on a second run through, after taking time
to appreciate the artistry, this is what I'd love to wear:

...without the dramatic eyes, though I'm every bit as pale.
{My daughters think she looks scary!}

If you can get your hands on a printed catalog, it's worth a look just so you can enjoy the artistic details in all their glory. But if online is all you've got, you can see it here.


P.S. The giveaway ends at midnight. Stay tuned to see who wins!


  1. You know me well...I was just drooling over it! The whimsy of it is just beautiful.

    Have a great week Linsey...


  2. loved it too! the illustrations are fantastic.

  3. it was crazy. i loved it. for me the sweater on pg 23. the pink with the big flowers. i have an olive green cord. skirt that would look sooooocute with it. but I refuse to spend that on a sweater. yikes! my house, sure. a piece of clothing, no way! :)

  4. I had not seen this; but heard about it. It's a piece of art, isn't it???? And, girl....if you DON'T buy "your" sweater I may just have to do so for you. LOL! It'd be perfect on you! Go for it.

  5. i LOVE that sweater!!!

  6. Linsey, What a creative and fantasy like catalog. This is exactly why I love Anthropologie!
    Hugs, Sherry

  7. I haven't received my copy yet....looks amazing!


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