An Advent Tradition: The Jesse Tree

With a big deadline tomorrow (last day to order custom cards) and TONS of emails regarding orders, I have no business blogging right now, but this is worth sharing before it's too late!

Download your free copy HERE
Read the blog post about it HERE.
{Great blog, by the way!}

This Jesse Tree family devotional is one of the best Advent resources I've ever seen. I printed all 80 pages and can't wait to share it with my girls tonight.

I love meaningful traditions, especially at Christmastime, but sometimes I get too perfectionistic. Like the time I tried to hand embroider 30 ornaments for my first ever Jesse Tree. I had two very young children, was starting a card business and wanted to have the perfect Jesse Tree that would last for generations. Of course I never finished the embroidery...and not one has been sewn into an ornament!

No worries! This devotional has printable symbols that don't require any time or skills on your part! I'm so relieved that diving deeper into the meaning of Christmas isn't about how pretty I can make it! Why did it take me so long to figure that out?

I think we'll hang the symbols on our little Thanksgiving Tree (one that otherwise holds gift tags in my studio).

But you can also find a branch outside. And you can even make it cute if you want to...the way Seleta did here:

A HUGE thanks to my friend Missy who told me about this devotional today. {Missy makes me laugh out loud with her well-written blog called It's Almost Naptime! Check it out!}

We'll read three devotions tonight to catch up, but it'll be worth it as we prepare our hearts to receive our King, which is what the Advent season and Christmas are all about. Ah...that reminds me of a song, which reminds me of a card inspired by the lyrics!

{available on my website here}

Joyfully celebrating and designing,


  1. This is just the reminder I needed tonite!! Thanks for sharing!! Xxoo

  2. Love this!! Just printed mine out!

  3. I'm glad this blessed the two of you tonight! The editor in me seriously wants to correct a few typos, but the devotional itself is wonderful! ENJOY!

  4. Thank you for bringing this into my life!! It's just perfect -- the break I need in the midst of a hectic school schedule! I feel so blessed right now. :)

  5. I hope you are hanging in there today with your wonderful & crazy business! Love the Jesse Tree link...and her book that is coming out in Jan. -- A Thousand Gifts -- already on my amazon wish list.

  6. Lovely, dear.
    Hope you tackle those deadlines! Tis the season....

  7. love this! Printing it now!


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