Living Again

Hello Sweet Friends! I haven't been here in awhile...mostly because I haven't known quite what to say. Do I dive into the depths of my soul where God is at work...or do I keep it simple and light with lovely photographs and inspirations? Or...do I take the easy way out and just stop blogging altogether?

I didn't know the answer until today...when a client was here in my studio to discuss her Christmas card. We talked over the card details in the way I always do...with me trying to get a sense of what has been meaningful to her family this year so that I can articulate that for her in the card. And that's when it hit me: my story has been given to me not just for myself, but as encouragement for others. For her...and maybe even for you.

It would take days for me to unpack all of the details, but here's my best nutshell version:
I love life and I love the Lord.
The first words I heard God speak to my heart were from John 10:10. "I have come so that you may have life and have it to the FULL!" (I was 12 years old at Camp Ozark.)
I didn't know the Lord back then, but those words fired me up! They spoke to my heart. That's the life I wanted to live...a full, abundant life.
And so I did. I lived life to the full despite resistance, obstacles and trials.  
But then something happened. Lots of things really, but the biggest was that I nearly lost my life. It's not a day I want to remember...and yet it's a day I'd give anything to remember. It was the day I gave birth to my second and youngest daughter. (I'll spare you the details.) 
The months and years following her birth were plagued with adrenal failure, anemia, exhaustion, low energy, a compromised immune system...and an overall BLURRY state. I even had an inexplicable stroke-like incident somewhere along the way. 
I was barely living. Abundant life didn't describe me at all.
And then came the migraines...on top of the low energy, adrenal fatigue, compromised immune system and brain fog. I was only half-alive for the last seven and a half years. It pains me to say it.
I had forgotten the promise of John 10:10...entirely. And on the few occasions when I was reminded of it, I listened to the lies of the one who comes to steal (the enemy of God; read the first part of John 10:10 to make sense of that). I heard dark whispers like, "The abundant life isn't for you, Linsey. You are low energy. You have headaches. You can't really live life to the full. Look what happens when you try...you feel worse!"
And I believed it. Until now.
Today, despite a foggy head, I am LIVING AGAIN! Really living. God is doing a new work in me these days. He has spoken the promise of abundant life back into my heart...not just once, but day after day! And this time...I'm listening! As if for the first time.
Friends, the John 10:10 promise isn't just for my heart. It's spoken over your life, too. Do you need to hear that today? Are you weary and broken down? Are you just going through the motions...barely getting by each day? Or maybe you've got an abundance of energy but are living for things that don't bring abundant life and deep satisfaction? I've been in every one of those places. John 10:10 is for all of them.

In closing, I'll leave you with a powerful song HERE from Third Day. I'm claiming this as my "new song." No more half living! 

And because I can't bear to give you so many words without at least one visual image, I couldn't resist making one of those fun word clouds with words from the song:

P.S. In case you ever need a good doctor in Houston,
here's who's helped me live again:
Dr. Nellie Grose (M.D.) 713.660.6620
Tracy Southwick (Naturopath) 713.861.6777
Dr. Patrick Krupka (D.C.) 281.320.2700
And my amazing husband, Dr. J.D. Hasenbank
along with his partner, Dr. Daniel DeWalch.


  1. Wow - great post. I can identify with the half living - with anemia and adrenal failure. My spirit even sometimes feels in a slumpy fog, not just my body. It is an epic battle to claw back to feeling whole. But I determined it WILL happen :) Eventually.

  2. You continue to inspire me Linsey -- and thank you for sharing your story with me today. I have shared it and the book with my daughter. I'll be sharing this with her as well. So amazing how God puts the right people in our path at the right time!

  3. Linsey, I praise God for you!!!

  4. God is good all the time!
    All the time God is good!

    Abundant blessings my friend~

  5. linsey, i had no idea
    thank you for sharing your story. both the struggles and the victory you are feeling in christ.

    i just wrote & was going to share some of what i went through a few years ago but it sounded so foggy itself! ugh

    prayers for you & blessings to you today sweet girl

  6. Just found your blog...what a blessing your testimony is, can't wait to read more!

  7. You are a beutiful daughter of our King, Linsey. And so precious to our Father, and to me. Proud of you and what you are letting shine. I am excited to see Him continue to bring Glory from our suffering.

    Side note: He has acutually brought you to mind several times during the last few months - He knows I love to intercede for Him.

    May you continue to be filled with true life and share your beauty making His name known.
    Michelle Harrison

  8. Thank you for sharing! This is a wonderful post. God is so good and works in wonderful ways!

  9. My neighbor LOVES Dr. Grose too! I'm so glad you're feeling better Lins and that word cloud is too cool.
    Happy, beautiful Friday to you my friend.

  10. your posts inspire me.

  11. Found you via T. Your words carry so much weight because they are from your real experience, full of conviction and reality. Wish that we all spoke with such honesty and authenticity. Glad you found your blogging voice, and look forward to reading more. Belinda x

  12. Linsey-you're such an encourager to all your readers. I'm thrilled you are an overcomer. Do NOT allow the enemy to steal your promises! And, can't believe you know Dr. Krupka!!! He's in MY neck of the woods-a GREAT guy! Praying for total healing. A Scripture for me today: "Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus." (Phil. 2:5). YOU exude just that! xoxo

  13. Wow! I dont think it is a coincidence that I just recently found and began to follow your blog. I feel God really spoke to me through you just now. Same dilemma, different causes, but it is what seems to be most prevelant on my mind these days. I know these feelings are not of you Lord, but why do I continue to let them take a hold of me? What could I accomplish for you if I just stopped listening to these lies! Anxiety, paralyzing fear, loss of joy, doubt, etc... Not the word cloud I want anymore. I want you word cloud!:)

  14. Linsey, you're such an inspiration!! I always love reading your posts -- and knowing that this one means so much to you makes it mean a lot to all of us! So happy for you!! xo

  15. Lindsey, thank you for sharing your personal story and how your eyes have been opened to the deep meaning of John 10:10. When we speak from our own experience, confidence and conviction shine through because we own it and nothing can take it from us. Through the word of your testimony you have been God's voice for me and for others.

  16. Linsey....I had no idea of your struggles...and it is hard for me to imagine you living with anything other than beaming light....but I think the clouds can overtake us all sometimes. I commend you on your goals to live Full. I think ti is the only way to live, even if sometimes it takes more work than living less than....

    on another note: saw this on ONE KINGS LANE today and it reminded me of the table you are searching for....wouldn't it be fun to have a bench on one side? But then you add to your puzzle in dimensions etc....but just made me think of you...http://www.onekingslane.com/Product.aspx?l=00010803059800000000&p=TRP01344

  17. how have i missed this post?
    i had no idea how bad you've struggled with your health...oh, how the enemy loves to come in and steal our joy when our health is struggling.

    thankful for your renewed health and for your zeal and love for the lord.

  18. a great and moving post - thank you for sharing!

  19. Dear Linsey, i discover your blog since yesterday, and i have no words to say the way that you touched me... I thank you for the good you did to me by reading these wonderful words... I live in Paris, France, and i am so happy to come across you... May God continue to bless you and your dear one's... Love, Niki

    1. So happy to hear from you, Niki. Merci pour les mots doux! I have a special place in my heart for France. (I spoke French fluently a long time ago.) God speaks to me through beauty, and I will never forget how He spoke to me through my visits to France. I hope to return someday soon! Bisous!


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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