Font Happy

Forget new shoes and handbags this fall...I'm into fonts! If I could wear them, I think I would! Here are a few new ones I plan to use this season:

Compendium is a gorgeous calligraphy-inspired font.
Don't you wish you could write like this?

It'll look gorgeous on it's own or layered over a photo.

For more of a hand-drawn look and a touch of whimsy, I love Lady Rene.

Here's how I've used it so far:

{You can order this design on my website.}

And how about Budmo Jiggler for fresh and fun:

A funny font name, but it's free, so I can't complain!
(I used it for the Mini Design Flea poster.)

I wouldn't design an entire card with Budmo Jiggler,
but I like it mixed in with other fonts:

{Just added this one to my festive sample album!}

Stay tuned to see more of the ways I'm putting these fonts to work!

Happy Monday!


  1. Hi Linsey!
    Thanks so much for sharing these lovely fonts with us! After six months of blogging, I still haven't figured out how to use these pretty fonts on my blog (other than in a picture). I LOVE the Christmas cards with your daughters bouncing on the bed in the middle of the wildflower field... just adorable!
    Have a wonderful week!
    ~ Jo :)

  2. So cool! I love that Lady Rene font.
    Happy Monday Lins.

  3. they're great
    i could look at that wonderful images of your cuties over & over

  4. Such a font-girl, doodler here as well. The photo of your girls has to be the all time BEST photo!

  5. I should add that the photo of my girls jumping on the bed in the middle of a bluebonnet field was taken by the fabulous Feathernest Photography. Allison is a creative genius, not mention a really cool gal!

  6. LOVE your new designs and these fonts! But, they are so expensive...ugh..do you buy all of these? Of course you do...I know you don't steal, but do designers get discounts? ha. My blog design prices can't justify spending $99 on beautiful Compendium!

  7. Yes, I absolutely buy them. As a designer who respects the creativity of the font designer and as a child of God who believes I am called to be honest, there really is no other way (unless of course the font designer decided to release a free font here and therre, which happens).

    No, I don't get a discount on fonts (though you can buy package deals or become a member at some places for small discounts). Honestly, I wouldn't buy a $99 font if I didn't have specific clients in mind who I knew would love it for their cards. When enough people spend several hundred for me to design their custom cards, the $99 is worth it. Also makes my designs more distinct to have nice fonts that aren't on everyone's computer. :)

    For every day people who love fonts, there are plenty of fun ones for $30 and under...and even free!

  8. I love these! I've been a font freak, since well about the age of 10 =) Nerd, I know! Love your stuff!


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