Warrenton Finds + Table Update + SALE!

Time for "part deux" of my trip to Warrenton...this time with a look at the things I bought. Looks like enough to open a small shop (I'll be "playing store" at my house this Friday). It was too hot to think, so if I loved it and the price was right, in the car it went!

A few close-ups:

I can't resist weathered metal pieces...
and am always a sucker for hydrangeas!

Chippy paint and a bird cage lamp:

I created a little vignette with my small finds:

Chair details:

And the best find of the day:
a washboard for my old fashioned girls! 

{My youngest was inside changing clothes...her favorite past time!}

And no, I didn't find a table, but guess what? My very own "table angel" has intervened! This long, drawn-out table drama will have a happy ending very soon! Can't wait to show you!

But to make room for a table, I've got to clear out the things that have landed in the dining room during   my re-nesting and rearranging phase. Time for a MINI SALE! I'm thinking 11-1 in my dining room THIS FRIDAY. I'm even including some of the things you see in the photos above. Stay tuned for details!

I'll be back soon!


  1. Someone will have 2 washboards as I just found one, too! And hydrangeas, how many do you want?

  2. you've got a great eye! can't wait to hear about the new table!

  3. Enough about the darn table! Obsessed much? Surely there are more important things in life than this DRAMA over something so asinine.

  4. Oh, great finds. I am loving that little bird's nest. And, cannot wait to hear about the table.

  5. Anon, your comment has challenged me. Do I leave it, delete it, reply to it? Your tone feels a bit mean spirited, which is never fun to receive on one's personal journal (there are plenty of other blogs you can follow if you're not enjoying mine), BUT you make a good point about the obsession. In fact, God has already convicted me about that (which you can read about in other posts). Some of my readers are enjoying the table hunt, and I've actually made some really neat new friends though posting about tables, so I don't regret a single word here. The term "table drama" was always meant to be humorous. And God has a sense of humor about it, too. He has been all over this deal...showing me that it's about much more than where we sit down to eat.

    Despite your tone toward me, I choose grace and forgiveness toward you. And to the rest of my Sweet Readers, thank you for your many kind comments. You are a blessing!

  6. Whoa, YOU are a very gracious blogger. I don't know if I could have shared anon's comment. And, I agree: mean spirited. Goodness, we all know Table Drama is in lower caps (in your mind & heart). All in fun & we're in it WITH you! Wish I could make your sale, but WE'LL be in Warrenton/Round Top at that time. You scored!

  7. anon, who put the arsenic in your coffee? or maybe you still need your coffee. i hope you are having a better day today.
    lins, i am happy the little things delight you, and i know your heart, so i also know you care deeply for the big things too! and happy for you about the secret angel....

  8. Somehow the words 'Friday sale in your dining room' have overshadowed the rude and inappropriate anon comment...YAY count me in!! ;)
    You found some gorgeous stuff. I just adore your taste Linsey, won't you be my personal shopper??!!
    I can't wait to hear about your 'table angel' too and for the record, I've enjoyed the table journey you've shared with all of us.

  9. After reading about this table and all of the carrying on as though it were on the list of the top 5 issues of the world, I still say it is DRAMA, albeit manufactured. Perhaps it is a blunt assessment but to say that
    God leads you to a cabinet maker, table angel, etc...is insulting to those who feel that God has more important divinations than leading someone to a dining table. Linsey you seem like a devoted Mother and Wife and I am not doubting that you are a good person and your blog is well written but this just strikes me as a trifle shallow.

  10. god has time for the big and the small. the banal and the exhilerating. the sick, the well, the poor, the rich....but the question is, do we make time for god? to notice the small ways in which we may encounter him (or her) through a person, a smile, and yes, sometimes even a table.

    linsey is anything but shallow. i wish you knew her.

  11. Anon, if you care to make yourself known, I invite you to be a guest at my table. I'd love to hear your thoughts about God. Bless you.


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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