Unexpected Inspiration

How's this for crazy, unexpected design inspiration: a Love and Respect marriage conference at a big ol' church with an animated speaker, bright lights, cameras, big screens and over 4,000 people. Not exactly my ideal setting for creativity, but God works in mysterious ways.

While a very engaging speaker talked about how women like to be loved and men want to feel respected (two sides of the same coin), I doodled unconsciously. {And yes, I listened. I'm just one of those who sometimes doodles during lectures and phone calls...wish I still had some high school and college notebooks!}

A page of this weekend's doodles:

When I first started doodling, it was just a way to stay engaged (bright lights are hard on me thanks to Irlen Syndrome; and 4,000 people makes me want to bolt and find a quiet coffee shop!). But God was unconsciously tuning my brain into a different kind of light:

And while I didn't know at first that these were inspirations for new card designs, I know now that I'll be transforming some of these doodles into real designs on the computer this week:

How's that for a behind the scenes look at design inspiration? Not perfect or complete, but inspired for sure. And a total gift from God. You see, I've been a little anxious about this year's card season...unsure if my designs are really as great as I want them to be...unsure if the same people who've used me for years will find anything inspiring and fresh this year...unsure of when new design inspiration will come. {Most designers submit their Christmas designs to the big retailers in late spring/early summer. Crazy...I just can't seem to do that!}

Oh me of little faith! Don't I know by now that NOTHING I do in the design world comes from me? All of my designs are true inspirations from the Lord. There is absolutely no other way I could do this, because the truth is: I have absolutely NO background in graphic design...no design school skills to draw upon in a pinch. All I have are passion, faith and the gifts of God. And if I lose my faith, I can tell you this: the gifts (that is, the designs) will dry right up!

Are you a doodler? Do you find yourself doodling the same things again and again or do new things unconsciously work their way onto the paper?

Happy Monday, Sweet Readers!

P.S. In case you've never heard of Love and Respect, let me say this: reading the book with a handful of open and honest couples was a TOTAL game changer in our marriage. You might remember my Valentine card that was inspired by what we learned: that the words "I respect you" (and actions that reinforce those words), motivates your husband to love you in ways you've always wanted to be loved. Crazy, but true, ladies! 


  1. love doodling! can't wait to see what comes out of yours. it's fun to see a glimpse of your process!

  2. your doodles are WAY better than my doodles! formal training or not, you have a gift. My doodles tend to consist of stick people, flowers, & squiggles. :)

  3. We did that Emerson Egg study too..in sunday school a few years back..he is great...great complement to Eldredge too! love your doodles and you know ilove the lights!

  4. Linsey: I think we have very much in common! I love love love those let you light shine ideas - brilliant and inspired. I love your doodles. I love that Love & Respect book/dvd and it has been amazing in our marriage. All the best to you as Christmas card season gets underway ...


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