My Aidan Gray Lamp

There are two ways I'm "feeling the light" these days. First, the song I mentioned last week. Love the words. How did you get here...locked inside of all this fear...your mind's a war...get out and live for more...there's so much more! God is shining His light into the hidden and sleepy corners of my heart. Good stuff!

But the second light I'm loving is this Aidan Gray candlestick-turned-lamp:

This was yet another Urban Market find, but it was only a candlestick then. It was love at first sight with the gorgeous color and trompe l'oeil effect ("trick the eye" in French)! Tall candlesticks are cool, but the practical side of me thought they'd be more useful as lamps, so I had them reworked a bit.

I don't know where to place the second one yet. Who knows...maybe I'm supposed to release this one so it can find a happy home elsewhere. We shall see!

Let your light shine!

P.S. Card season opens soon...with a 15% early bird discount! Details to come!


  1. so charming! and i can't wait to see what is in store at LLH for the holidays!

  2. I love your lamps and saw similar candlesticks at Antiques on Yale last weekend (I finally made it there and LOVED it!!).
    YAY for your business opening back up. ;)

  3. Oh no! Do not release the second lamp...pairs are wonderful. One day you will be glad there are 2~

  4. Your new lamp is fantastic. I almost bought a similar candlestick but talked myself out of it since I really didn't need another one. I should have grabbed it and had a lamp made. Love it!

  5. Ah, I love your lamp (and shade) too! Very cool that all that detail is painted!

    Thanks for stopping by our blog, I love finding new blogs via our comments. Your Christmas cards look beautiful! Can't believe it's already time to start thinking about getting those organized. LOVE Christmas!


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