Let The Card Season Begin {with 15% off}

It's official: today is opening day of my SEVENTH Christmas card season! Search through those vacation photos or dust off the camera and start following your children, pets or grandchildren around because it's EARLY BIRD TIME! Save 15% when you order before October 10th!

For those of you who've been around a while (I love you!), there're a few changes this year. Most of them revolve around my desire to approach each design with a fresh energy and good night of sleep (instead of staying up until the wee hours fixing printers!). I also want to honor and enjoy my precious family. {A huge hug to my sweet husband and girls for your patience and support over the years. I finally get it: working less and loving more is what we need right now!}

Here's what's new on the Christmas card front:
  1. I'm accepting a LIMITED NUMBER OF ORDERS this season. If I'm full during a particular week, you'll go on a WAIT LIST for the next week. When there are no more weeks left (post December 8), you'll have the option to wait for a New Year's or Valentine's card...or find another card company. {Sniff!}
  2. A $50 DESIGN FEE will be added to every order. I've had pro designers telling me for years that I need to charge for my time (I put an extraordinary amount of time into each and every order), but it's SO HARD to put a price on something you love to do. Last year, I tried to let people choose a template, but the truth is, I was always making modifications (matching font colors to the clothing or changing things that were never asked of me just because I wanted to give a client that little extra special touch). I promise I'll make this modest fee worth every penny...and then some! 
  3. I'm OUTSOURCING most of my printing for the first time...to an experienced, professional lab that specializes in portrait printing, meaning your photographs will really shine! Image quality will be top notch. I used this lab for my own card last year and was giddy when I saw the result!
  4. Three NEW PAPER OPTIONS!  Your choice of LINEN, PEARL or WATERCOLOR are all available as FLAT or FOLDED cards...with traditional square corners or rounded corners.
I'm convinced that all of these changes are going to be REALLY GOOD...not just for me, but for you and your cards as well. After all, you come to me as your personal designer...not your personal late night printer, right? I can only imagine what creativity will flow from these changes.

Just when I wonder if I can create another season's worth of beautiful, personal, memorable cards...God gives me fresh inspiration and renewed energy. So even though I start this season a little unsure of what ideas will come, I know He'll provide...especially when I see each of your unique photos!

Here are a few designs I'm loving today:

{clean and classic}

{one of my all-time favorites}

{remember this last-miunte creation here?}

{fun colors and perfect words for a wedding day carriage photo}

{a fully custom design...such fun!}

{something new I'm playing around with today}

To learn more about my holiday cards, go here...or skip right to the sample albums here. I can't wait to see your photos this year!

P.S. A huge thank you to the very special clients who have been with me since the beginning. I am honored by your faithfulness and the confidence you've placed in me to create fresh new designs for you year after year. I'd be honored to work with you again this season!


  1. oh linsey, your cards are some of the cutest & most creative crisp designs i've seen! i'm a christmas card high maintainence person....ugh...and take forever making up my mind.
    i love love love the joy one of your baby girls jumping. again, one of the cutest pics ever.

  2. loved your comment today - come over and see my holey sweats if you don't believe me. heheh.


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