Celebrating A New Sunday Home

After four years in an elementary school and ten years in a community college, Christ the King finally has a real home...one that's simple yet elegant...lovely yet approachable. I thought you might enjoy a peek inside:

If it weren't for the dead giveaway in the top photo, would you even know this was a church? I'd bring any of these design elements straight into my home (sconces, lanterns, French armchairs, botanical prints, stone floors, vaulted wood ceilings...I'm in awe of what God has provided after these many years of waiting).

If you're been looking for a Sunday home in Houston...WELCOME!

Happy Monday, Sweet Readers!


  1. so exciting! i hope we'll get to see it one day soon...

  2. Very unique and will look forward to seeing more!

    I have a New Giveaway from the French Basketeer that I think you will love!!

    Art by Karena

  3. Very nice. I hope it inspires much love in the community.
    Tell us, where are you with the table hunt

  4. Linsey,
    It's so wonderful when this happens. Everyone rejoices and feels such joy to be home! Your church is just beautiful and looks so welcoming. It will be wonderful to watch your congregation bloom where they are planted!

    I love it that you are friends with Katherine! I have just discovered her books and her blog and am beyond inspired. Give her my best.

    Great to visit with you....I was peeking at your Christmas Cards last week. Will be in touch.
    xo Lisa

  5. Lisa, I'm so glad you've discovered Katherine Center. She's the real deal! I always finish reading her books wanting to be even better at my craft (card designing). It's awesome that her writing has that effect.

    Dianne, trying to be patient with the table. No forward movement yet, but I'm hopeful that my patience will pay off in the end! :)

  6. wow. That's a beautiful space for your church to meet! Looks very comfy, warm and inviting. Nice to see a church paying attention to design - cool!

  7. What a beautiful place to worship! i'm not sure i'd ever want to leave. :)


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