Beauty In The Fields: Marburger Part One

Another gorgeous opening day at the Marburger Farm Antique Show...perfect weather and over the top beauty in the booths. {Opening Day was Tuesday, but the show is open through October 2.}

The pictures speak for themselves!

Can't get enough? Me neither! More images HERE. If you live in Houston, you'll find a bit of Marburger and Round Top goodness in the "Shop My House" sale tomorrow (Friday, Oct.1). Details HERE. If you live here and are an anonymous blog reader, I'd LOVE to meet you, so stop by!

Have a great day, Sweet Readers!
Photography note: All images were taken with love and joy by me (using the new camera I need to share with you). If you'd like to use one on your own blog, please link back to LLH Designs. Thanks a bunch!


  1. wow!!
    did you fill up your car????

    gorgeous shots linsey

  2. Thanks, Paige! Such a compliment coming from you. I'm always inspired by the beautiful images on your blog! So fun to have a new camera! xo...Linsey

  3. LOVe those little crates....paintbrushes anyone?
    maybe caleb and i need a day trip...

  4. Wow...now I really, really wish I could've gone with you! Gorgeous stuff and photos Lins. See you in a few hours, I'm SO excited. ;)

  5. I would love to be there! Your photos are fabulous.
    xo, Sherry

  6. Ok so I know you've probably exhausted every resource and have seen this, and it's probably not what you're looking for but I saw it and thought of your dining room table search...

    I hope you find just what you're looking for : )

  7. Love all your vignettes . Marburger looks like the perfect place to go antiquing

  8. Those pictures are great, wish I was there to go with you!

  9. Oh friend, I wish we knew one another in real life...I just love your eye :)!

  10. I was so not excited about Canton after seeing your posts:o( I'm going to Roundtop next year! Or maybe in the spring. Hey - your pictures are getting good! Nice work!

  11. Hello, I got here via another blog. These items are incredibly lovely. My husband gets to TX almost weekly--I'm going to use some of his ff miles to make a trip to this event. Thanks so much for sharing your photos.

  12. Linsey...how gorgeous...how did I miss these?!! Your photos are fantastic! Would love to have been there in person but these are the next best think. Thank you! Trish


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