Antiquing in Warrenton: Part One

I'm not usually a weekend blogger, but God woke me up early with a desire to write and share, so here we go! I've got my Fage Greek yogurt, nutty gluten free granola and giant mug of green tea. Care to join me?

I drove out to Warrenton yesterday (about an hour and a half from Houston) for some serious antiquing. Serious in the sense that there was more stuff in that one small town than I've ever seen in my entire life!  {Here's a good link and a great map. Wish I had seen this before I went!}

My favorite image of the day:

The Seed Box booth at Cole's.
{They're also Urban Market favorites. I always find a treasure...
like this little tree that I use to hang gift tags.}

French Vanilla at Zapp Hall.
{Another Urban Market favorite. I even saw them in Maine (here)!}

More French Vanilla.

Cindy Clark at Zapp Hall.
{I took this shot just for you, T! You can see more of
the great stuff in her booth here. So well priced.}

Dave Lennard at Excess.
{Look familiar? Same table I had on approval here. Cheaper in the field.}

Artifactual at Bar W.
{This is where a lot of antique dealers buy their French Bordeaux jugs.}

The grain sack trend continues.
{A vendor at Arbor Antiques; don't remember the name.}

The coolest lamp...the base was once used to print wallpaper.
{The heat had gotten to me at this point; no clue which tent I'm in here!}

Weathered doors for $250 a pair...Bar W???

Reminds me of the wagon I saw in Maine!

Vintage wire baskets filled with softballs!?!? I've done a lot 
with softballs (fast ball, curve ball, change up, rise ball,
drop ball and knuckle ball...looking like this),
but a filler for vintage baskets? Interesting!

WARRENTON vs. MARBURGER {for those who want to know}: Here's what I'll say about Warrenton: most of the booths aren't as styled and sophisticated as the ones you'll see at Marburger, but there's no shortage of good stuff. In fact, a whole bunch of Marburger vendors shop Warrenton early then turn around and sell it for double in their booths at Marburger. If you like inspiring presentation and less clutter to sift through/overwhelm you, Marburger is for you. But if you if you like deals and don't mind sorting through fields of junk to find the treasures, Warrenton is the place!

Happy Saturday!


  1. Linsey, Great photos! I have only been to Round Top one time and I was so overwhelmed by all the selections. I hope you found a dining room table.

  2. Lots of great stuff. I bought an old dresser at a "barn sale" here locally this AM to double as a changing table when we move. This looks like a place I'd enjoy! Are you re-thinking the table? I recently had coffee with a local blogger who had been to Marburger last year....she said it is funny how there is a pecking order of vendors going early and buying stuff, marking it up and selling it for more later in the week when the public is going through. I found it interesting.

  3. I'm drooling at everything and SO wish I could've joined you yesterday, heat and all! I hope there's a happy ending here Linsey...table????
    Happy Saturday.

  4. I do hope you found a table!

  5. I bet it's so easy to get "lost" in Warrenton !!
    Heading to Round Top on Thursday - thanks for the eye candy.

  6. I'd love to have either one to shop. Thanks for sharing and taking all those pics in the heat. Finally cool here thank goodness. Hope you have a great week.

  7. Oh, I am so jealous. One day I will crash your antiquing trips. :)

  8. Thank you for posting about the antique shows. I'm moving to the Austin area in just a few weeks and can't wait to go to this show and the Warrenton show this spring. Your blog is an inspiration! Thanks for sharing! God bless!

  9. Reading your posts from last year again in case we venture out there on Sunday. Just hoping they're open to the public. I stopped by Nest on my lunch today to see if Jennifer had anything new and she's only open by appt now. Didn't see much in her shop through the window.


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