What's A Mom To Do...

...when her children go back to school? SHOP. Because there's just too much to do at home. Because I'm in denial that summer is over. Because I wasn't ready to jump back into the routine.

Oh, and because I'm still hunting for a dining room table. (A drama that began here; continued here, here, here and here; almost done here, but didn't work out as planned, so HERE I am again, looking for tables!) Whew! Wears me out just looking back at all those posts! But I've learned a lot about tables in the process...could almost write a book!

I didn't find the perfect table yet, but I managed to spend a school day finding all sorts of other things to share with you!

First stop: Antiques and Interiors on Dunlavy.
A few of my fetishes: sconces, scallops, baskets, mirrors.

Just a few blocks further down the road: The Guild Shop,
a consignment shop that's always buzzing (be prepared
to rummage and buy on the spot if you really want it).

And just a few more blocks: a great Marshalls.
Bought the parrot pillow for my sister.

Then across town (for my "inside the loop" self anyway) to
Memorial Antiques and Interiors, where one of my faves, 2 Lucy's,
was unloading new stuff. I wish the oval table had been a little larger!

I'd love to find a place to put this large, scallop-edged wooden box
from Maura Cannon's booth (also at MAI):

One favorite treasure finding spot I had to save for another day:
Heights Antiques on Yale. (Maura also has a great booth there.)

As fun as it was to shop sans les filles (without the girls), seeing their smiles at pick-up time was the best part of my day! Not a thing I can buy compares to what they give me for free: hugs and love!

And what a joy it was to watch them soak up a few last moments with one of their favorite babysitters before she goes to college. We've been blessed to know some wonderful teenage girls...how we miss them when they leave. Time to find another "date night" babysitter so my husband and I can keep up our seven-year tradition!

I'll be back with more tables soon (the main reason I went shopping). I didn't find one with my name on it, but maybe one that inspires YOU!

Happy "Back To School" Week!


  1. Those pics are precious Linsey. Your girls are just dolls and I can't believe I still haven't met them! I hope they've had a great first mini-week at school.
    Happy Friday!

  2. I'll have to try some of those shops. I knew about Guild Shop and Marshall's, of course!

  3. I hope Hallie and LF have had a great first week!! Let's catch up soon! :)

  4. Hey Linsey!

    First time commenting, but I do faithfully read your blog!! Just wanted to say that I love the sweet photo of you and the girls, and I'm enjoying your table hunt saga! Good luck!! Hope to see you soon! xo LMcC

  5. Wow that is a busy day of shopping! I am exhausted just reading about it! Have found some great buys at the Guild, and also what I thought at the time were great projects, but sadly many are still on the list of things to do!

  6. Thanks for a heads up on a few new places! I have been known to spend two hours in The Guild! When in the right mindset, it's quite a treasure hunt. Your girls are presh! Happy (continued) table hunting!

  7. Sounds like a perfect day. Maddie starts 2 mornings a week of preschool after Labor Day and I think I am going to cry when I drop her off. Where does time go. Hope you find your table soon. If you want the name of my furniture maker in Atlanta let me know and I'll email it to you.

  8. That photograph of you and your girls is adorable!

  9. shopping sounds great! I think thats a wonderful plan to fill your time when the girls are back at school :)

  10. i *heart* my numbered bird pillow! it's so happy in my home!

  11. Found you from your mother's blog. You have a beautiful family and such a sweet heart with all the right priorities. I am a new follower.


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