Missing Maine Already

Home. Sigh. I'm a homebody, so I'm always happy to get back, but a quick look through my photos makes me miss Maine already. And since I'm not ready to face the heat, the laundry, the four-week pile of mail and the back-to-school schedule, I think I'll just blog as if I were still enjoying cool, coastal air.

There's lots I'd love to share with you (an unexpected winery visit, the Union Antique Fair, gorgeous Rockefeller gardens, more island adventures), but for today, I'll just leave you with some of my favorite Maine memories.

And my favorite image...in a moody kind of way:

I'm convinced there's nowhere more beautiful than Midcoast Maine this time of year (and nowhere more perfect to test drive a new camera). How very blessed I am to enjoy a month there every summer with the ones I love.

As soon as I tackle a few things around the house, I'll be back with a few more Maine posts and some scoop on the new camera. Then it's back to some nesting projects (table drama continues) and of course, prepping for the launch of a new card season. Fun times!


  1. I agree...how I love Penobscot Bay...terrific photos!

  2. ....and we miss you already, too. Your new camera is taking very good pictures or maybe it's you! xoxox

  3. We just returned from Maine last night. The pace of life is so much more relaxed when we are there. My feet will have to hit the ground running now that we are home ...

  4. Your post makes me more grateful for living here in Maine. :)

  5. YAY- welcome home! And yeah, about that new camera, I think you've uncovered a huge talent there my friend. Perhaps expanding your business to sell your photographs is in your future?!!
    Can't wait to catch up with you.

  6. Oh my goodness, Linsey the photos are absolutely breathtaking!! So glad y'all had a wonderful time!! Hope the girls have a great start of the school year!! xo

  7. Welcome home....and I have to chime in along with the others: beautiful photos.

  8. Love the picture of LF. Can't wait to see you guys on Wednesday!


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