Maine Antiques Festival

Y'ALL! {I just yelled that in my best Texas voice....can you hear it?} You wouldn't believe the antiquing in Midcoast Maine. A-MA-ZING. Quality antiques everywhere for prices you can actually afford!

After 17 summers, I've hardly scratched the surface (we spend most of our time on the water), but the one show I try not to miss is the Maine Antiques Festival at the Union Fairgrounds. It's kind of like Marburger Farm (though the weather in Maine is a huge advantage over Round Top...as are the prices!).

A few things that caught my eye:

Does this image scream "antiques in a field" or what?!?! Love it!

I really wanted the middle box in this next stack:

Maine antiques are generally classic and American vs. hip and trendy,
(refreshing despite my love of all things French)
but this chair was an exception, and available for a song:

Speaking of classic American, I fell in love with these Pennsylvania
butter molds, but WOW are they expensive...as in many hundreds
of dollars (clearly I'm not the only one who likes them)!

A few more lovelies...

And remember my small weathered pot fetish?

Those were too big for my suitcase, so I came home with these:

Love those chipped edges!

And speaking of chipped, if I didn't have to think about how to get
it home, I would have bought the overdoor at the top of this photo:

Love this old wagon/farm cart:

Wishing I had brought home one of these mini
washboards for my youngest daughter. She loves them!

Last, but not least, my jaw dropped when I ran into one of my
favorite Urban Market vendors, French Vanilla, in MAINE!

I still can't believe it!

If I didn't know I'd see them back in Texas, I would've
been tempted to buy more than a few things...

I'll always want to hug Peg when I see her now!

Love the scallops (and check out that sky):

And no trip to the Union antique show would be complete without the best
fried haddock ever (I indulged despite my gluten allergy...it's that good!).

People who really know their stuff say it's worth it to shop in Maine and ship stuff back home, but all I've managed it this point is what I can fit in a suitcase. Secretly...I was hoping to find the perfect long and narrow antique dining table. The table drama continues (my European craftsman didn't work out). I'm on the verge of buying an Ikea table and skirting it with a big ol' piece of burlap as a "tide-me-over" until I find the perfect table...just so my husband and I can get back to having people in our home for our wine dinners. After all, people matter more than tables. (But that doesn't mean I'm not still looking...I'll keep you posted!)

Happy Day, Sweet Readers!


  1. Beautiful photos; I felt like I was there! Hope back-to-school is going well for y'all....

  2. Let us not forget the stuff in our garage and the table and the box...still trying to figure out how to get all that to you. (:

  3. Everything looks so tempting! I'm sorry that your table contact fell through but it just wasn't meant to be.

  4. Of course my MOM found a table in Maine...one I would've brought home in a heartbeat just for the good looks and price alone! $275 for something you'd pay triple for here in Houston! Love it, Mom!

  5. Totally inspired me to go to Maine! Has been on my little list for awhile now, but I think it just jumped up a few spots. Welcome back!!

  6. I just love those little pots -- soooo cute! And the wagon -- how adorable!! So glad y'all had fun!!!

  7. Sounds wonderful. My mom has a wagon nearly identical (probably a bit more weathered at this point). Love that scalloped pendant!

  8. Road trip to Maine? "We" could pick up the table! :) So sorry your table drama continues...but just think when you find it! Wow!

  9. love that head! how wonky. just remember, if the table is the most dramatic thing you've got going on right now, your life is "pretty good."

  10. Love your blog. I just started one that I think you'll love too. Please stop by. Ms. CotedeVelvetGreige! :)

  11. Oh my gosh, weren't you just frustrated to bits?!? I'd a died.


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