Heart Rocks

I've got one hobby I've turned into a full-time business (card making), a handful of hobbies that make life more interesting (photography, interior design, wine tasting and chocolate eating) and a hobby I never saw coming: rock collecting. Spend enough summers in Midcoast Maine and you, too, might become a rock collector! Especially when you stumble upon rocks that look like this:

Each one feels like a little "I love you" from God, especially this one:

At first glance, it looks like just a bunch of random rocks.
The tide's coming in, making the heart rock hard to spot.

But as the tide rolls out and the water is smooth,
the heart shape heart is easy to see...
a little love note just for me!

I've even got my oldest daughter hooked on the hunt,
and she's got a great eye!

And of course I couldn't resist "styling" them for a photoshoot:

You might see these on some cards one day (Valentine's!).
Now it's time to enjoy another of my hobbies...a good glass of red wine!

Happy Summer!
P.S. I'm sure there are heart rocks all around the world, but the place I've dubbed "Heart Rock Heaven" is Holbrook Island in Midcoast Maine's beautiful, island-speckled Penobscot Bay (a boat lover's playground). We get there via my dad's fabulous, Maine-made Hinckley. If you ever have the chance, I highly recommend a boat outing in Penobscot Bay. I'll be sure to leave some heart rocks for you!


  1. Ahhh, it is like a gift from God! These are beautiful and look good indoors too!

  2. Oh, summer bliss! You're living it! :) These are soooo pretty!

  3. These are really special....and I am sure the memories that go along with each one!

  4. Welcome Linsey in the 'club' of "Stone collectors"! You found very beautiful and lovely ones. I collected several years ago at the Atlantic coast near Biarritz quite a decent amount of interesting stones, had in mind to put them together as a mosaic to set them into the terrasse around the pool, but never found some heart shaped ones like yours! Bravo!
    Greeting from Périgord - karin

  5. I LOVE this idea! Now when we head to the town beach for swimming lessons, I will be scouring the shore.

  6. Those are precious.
    Just got home yesterday and am missing you and look forward to partaking in said 'red wine drinking' hobby with you soon!

  7. Check out the heart rock my daughter found at the beach. It's pictured at the end of the post



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