Zinc Top Dining Table

Holding your breath for the next episode of my dining room table drama? (A continuation of Part One and Part Deux.) Well, I've got a zinc top table sitting in my dining room (on approval) and I need your help!

Two days ago, I got caught in some serious rain...as in flash flooding, couldn't drive home kind of rain. So I had to wait it out in the nearest shop, which happened to be Mecox. Poor me, right?

I love what I see on their website, but had honestly never stepped foot in the store. So there I was, forced in by the rain, when I stumbled onto this:

Aged zinc top with exposed nail heads on a painted, reclaimed wood base.

And get this: the dimensions are PERFECT! 36 inches wide by 96 inches long. [Most dining room tables are about 42" wide. Nothing wrong with that, but I wanted a more intimate feel (hence the narrower 36"). However, 36" wide tables are usually either antiques (too pricey) or not long enough for the wine dinners my husband likes to host.]

I dared to ask the price and was VERY pleased with what I heard. Shocked actually. So I did what a girl in the midst of table drama does: I took a brand new, just met her yesterday friend with great taste, Jenny Johnston, to look at the table with me (a huge thanks to Joni Webb for introducing me to Jenny's work here)! Jenny, a seasoned designer, had a brilliant idea: bring it home on approval!

So here you have it: the zinc-top table sitting in my own home!

Love the painted, reclaimed cypress wood base:

And of course it looks more inviting with a few of my own things on top:

Note the character of the zinc top.
(No fear of spills and rings; it's already been done!)

Now the real drama: to keep or not to keep? The zinc top is definitely different from the unfinished wood top I envisioned. (Is the zinc too casual? Too cold? Or do you like the added metal element in the room?)

Once you're in the habit of looking, it's kinda hard to stop!

A lovely French farm table from Mecox...

{cost prohibitive!}

...and this oval table with a wood top + zinc band around the sides.

I can't help but wonder if the zinc-top table is meant to be? Forced in by the flooding, amazed by the dimensions and shocked by the price. Honestly, it found me. What do you think?

It appears that a whole lot of people do a google search for zinc tables and land on this post. I'm sure someone's personal blog isn't what you were looking for, but WELCOME! In the end, I designed my own table, but I've since found a great source for zinc tables: SDS Designs. Steven's tables are very well made and very well priced! I met him at the Round Top Antique Show in 2012 and was very impressed. You'll recognize my dining room on his website!

Happy Friday!


  1. Linsey,
    I think it's a match made in interior design heaven! Although I am also drawn to the Mecox oval with the zinc top, I think you have a winner and you should stick with it. We have a stainless steel top on our kitchen table, and I am just crazy about it.

  2. I LOVE IT!! I definitely think you should get it! Especially if the price is right. It looks like it was made for your room.

    On a side note, I've been drooling over your little cake stands (zinc??) that you line up on your dining room table. Would you mind sharing where you got them if you have the source, or know where to buy similar ones?

    Thanks! Love the table!

  3. Ooh la la! Comments already! Thank you! I'm wide open to "keep looking" comments, but your positive reaction is super fun!

    ON THE TABLE: zinc pillar stands from Laurie's Antiques MANY years ago (long gone). Rosemary topiaries (fake so I don't kill 'em, but how I'd love real!) also from Laurie's Antiques.

    More details on the room to come in a future post!

  4. I love it (and the oval one). It is definitely on the more casual side but I think it looks lovely with your beautiful home and existing furnishings. If the price is right, and you said the dimensions are perfect, I'd go for it. BTW, I thought of you and Holly today as I was in a discount fabric warehouse about an hour outside of DC...I sent Holly a picture of a blue fabric that reminded me of your kitchen project. You'd love this place....and the bargains!

  5. It is fabulous- I seriously ♥ it!
    My only question is are the edges rough or sharp? The corner picture looks like the zinc might be sharp. I worry about your sweet girls cutting their fingers on those edges. ;)
    I can't wait to see it in person.

  6. Just read Joni's post on Jenny's work on the beach house. Did she use that same zinc top table in oval in that kitchen? LOVE it!!

  7. It is beautiful but...I fear rather trendy. Will you love it years from now or do you like changing often? It's a very hard call, think I would go with wood.

  8. I love it!! It looks so great in the room! However, I do like the wood farm table as well! :)

  9. Hmmmmmm.............my first gut was {{{LOVE}}} until I read a comment about it being trendy. It's perfection today. I mean: j'adore. BUT! Will you adore it 10 years from now? Wow...tough one!

  10. Linsey,
    Good morning to you. I am so thrilled to meet you and your fresh & stylish blog...and I've only read the first post!
    I so appreciate you taking the time to visit TLPC via darling Greet. Joni is such a dear too. Who knew I would run into another fellow Texan in Belgium!
    Now I'm off to grab a second cup of coffee and read more about LLH Designs.
    Oh and I would absolutely invest in the wood. If not in the budget, go with the oval, it's such a pretty shape.
    Happy weekend.

  11. Linsey, I must echo some of the other readers comments....as I have the same thoughts/feelings. My first impression was YES! But, then after reading the comments I too wonder about the sharp edges {if that's a factor} and will it be too trendy in a few years? With all this said, honestly, I love, love, love it in your room! It's a tough call.

  12. Alison McMurtreyJuly 10, 2010

    It is a great table - refreshingly cool. At first I thought it was too industrial and cold for your dining room and your home, but then when you warmed it up with your "decor" I really like it. Great color! I did take note of the trendy thought but if you REALLY like it for your home then it can endure for you and your home long after the fad fades (as you like it because you like it not for the trend of it). And we know good French taste isn't trendy :) it is rather timeless - you just have to figure out if that's what this is! And if the price is right you could always replace it in 10 years when you find the next perfect piece! I will say that French farm table is a forever dining room purchase - just beautifully perfect! Not sure I've moved this discussion along any.... :) but you do have a great eye!

  13. i love it. love love lvoe lvoe love love love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Loving these diverse comments! The drama continues....

  15. Linsey, have you made your final decision yet? I'm so curious!!!! :)

    And the winner is.......

  16. I love the table - great find! Glad to have found your blog!

  17. A few years ago I saw a zinc top table in an antique store and I have never stopped thinking about it. Every time I come across one it takes everything I have not to snatch it up. I would definitely keep this one, it looks great!

  18. HI, I'm the new and just wondering by and couldn't help but notice your table woes, so since this is blogland and it's kind of okay to put my two cents in, here's what I think . . . with the size hard to find and the fact that it just kind of found you and it is awfully good looking and let's don't forget the price!!! Sounds like it should be a fit.

    My question is, is it a zinger? Do you LOVE it? You should know deep down if you love it or not. If you can't figure that out then imagine someone else having it. Let's say you took it back to the store, changed your mind and went back to get it and it was gone already.

    That always helps me decide. Good luck.

  19. We purchased one of these zinc top tables from mecox for a client. It's gorgeous, and the guys at mecox here in L.A. are the best.


  20. Keep, keep, keep! It's perfection.
    I don't think it's too casual - but if you do that's just a great excuse to add a little extra glamour somewhere else in the room for a lovely balance. Ah, sweet zinc.

  21. love, love the zinc. it could be trendy, but it's soooo pretty

  22. This is beyond words...how to follow your blog?!?!

  23. It's a keeper! I stumbled across your site in search of a zinc top dining table, and I adore the one you've brought home. It looks lovely in your home.
    If you have any suggestions, please email me @ ccaskey1012@gmail.com.


    1. I've just found my new favorite zinc table source: SDS Designs. www.sds-designs.com

  24. I love it!! It looks so great in the room! However, I do like the wood farm table as well! :)

    corner kitchen table

  25. I am looking for a vintage look table zink top for my store does anyone have a good connection?

    1. My new favorite source for zinc top tables is SDS Designs: www.sds-designs.com


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