Table Details + Photoshop Fun

Is it just me or is this what all creative, designer types do? I can't stop thinking about ways to customize my dining room table! I've decided to have it made by a father and son in EUROPE (more on that story in a future post). England to be exact. With naturally distressed, antique pine.

Oh, but the details (I'm such a detail person!): all wood or a painted base?

My main inspiration inspiration photo is this:

But I was inspired by the simplicity and softness of this curve...

...so I edited/stretched it to look more like this...

...and added it to the original table to look like this:

Sloppy Photoshop work, but for a visual person...very helpful!
{The lines seem more French.} 

I have lots of painted furniture in my dining room...chairs, buffet, mirror...even a painted piece you can't see. So maybe a painted base is too much? I wish I knew!

All wood?

So hard! Nothing too dark, too golden, too shiny...I'm picky!

A few real life stain samples...what to choose???

{There's that soft scallop again!}

Almost forgot about this one...

The stain up close:

{Are these looking all the same?}

Or switch it up entirely with a whitewash effect:

{From the fabulous Karina Gentinetta on 1st Dibs}

Oh, goodness! Just when I thought I was going to bed...I see this over on Belgian Pearls

{Would oval work with the style I've designed?}

Have I made you crazy dizzy yet? I think my head is on spin cycle! This is why you can NEVER let me build a house...because I overthink the smallest details! Time to sleep on it!

Sweet dreams, my friends!


  1. I have a sneaky feeling that whatever lands in that (gorgeous) home of yours will be perfect. Can't wait to hear more on your English bulders!!!!!

  2. I am partial to the painted base but I am sure whatever you choose will be fabulous. It's funny, for others I can make quick selections and keep projects moving. For myself, not so much....every decision is agonizing....almost like I have access to too many options...always afraid something "better" will come along.

    BTW, it is on my "to do" list to contact you about baby announcements....I have time but my to do list is starting to get long with listing our house and finding one in Dallas....makes my head spin. Have a great weekend.

  3. you. YOU! are too much. {wink}
    do you want the oval slatted like that one? kinda cool. i'm narrowing it down for you.
    definitely all wood. too much painted stuff in your DR already.
    definitely stained, not white washed, a warm honey.
    definitely a curvy board across bottom. but i like it lower.
    don't think it matters whether it's x'ed or not - in fact he x'ed ones have a weightiness that's nice for a DR table.
    unsure as to whether the slatted or plain top looks better.the slatted oval one has a more refined "country" look (as opposed to square edges)

  4. Go Holly! I'm with you 100% on the warm honey color and the curvy board across the bottom.

  5. AnonymousJuly 16, 2010

    Hello Linsey,
    Found your blog via TROUVAIS and following your "Table story" with high interest!
    First, I'm pleased that you're decided so far against the zinc-top table. As interesting as that table is - it is in my opinion
    too dominating and rustic for your setting and also somewhat 'limited'. This table - and also some other more less rustic tables - would be perfect in an open kitchen-dining-area, but not really in your room and ambience.

    I'm a German Antique dealer and Interior consultant over 30 years, specialised for 20 years in French genuine farm tables, and living in the Périgord, South-West of France. I fully understand your concern to find the right table for your setting and...for your family! Many of my clients have the same 'problem', sleepless nights and......

    I always tell my clients that "The table is the most important piece of furniture in our Western culture. It is the HEART OF THE HOUSE, should stay in the family and being past on ideally to the next generation"

    So, what kind of table would be suitable for YOU?
    Not too rustic which means not a really thick top, in wood and preferably in a light natural or - I'm agree with some comments - honey color. Relatively simple in the construction but with a superb top. The table top is what you're looking every day. Not too many planks which would give a kind of 'cheap' feel, not too wide but long enough for comfortable 8 seats. And from what I read so far you would prefer to have a genuine table, authentic with some history.
    I'm sure you discussed the 'table case' with your husband who would like to have some "Wine diners" - as you've mention before. What kind of table would he like?
    To cut my comment short - I will send you some photos of several tables to give you an idea what I'm talking about. Hope you don't mind if I send them to your email adresse.

    Have a lovely weekend - Greetings from the Périgord - karin

    P.S. Very sorry about 'anonymous' but I'm not very familiar with blogging and don't know how to put my name in. k

  6. Well now I feel cheated that we don't get to see the tables recommended by anon above. Please share. I personally like the all wood, all stained honey color with the slat across and not the X.

  7. Karin - What a helpful and thorough comment! Thank you for taking an interest in my Houston, Texas, table drama all the way from France! I think your words will be helpful to anyone who reads. Can't wait to see your photos!


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