The People Behind the Table

The dining room table drama is winding down. Ahhhhhhh. That's my deep breath. I've decided on antique wood, unpainted, light in color and hand crafted in England thanks to an unexpected connection.

Of course it feels good to have the drama behind me, but what feels even better is thinking back on all the fabulous people who helped me along the way. So much talent, wisdom and creativity! I've got to tell you about these people (in the order I've known them):

MAURA CANNON - If you're in Houston, you need to know her (and shop with her over at Antiques on Yale and MAI. Her booth is up front in both places.). She's as down-to-earth, generous, hardworking and honest as they come...and talented in more ways than I can count. Maura was the one who gave me the courage to paint my own dining room chairs four summers ago:

Lots of sweat equity in these guys!

She even told me where to find the chairs (the last six from the old Warwick Hotel in Houston) and helped me decide on the exact shade of linen. I truly do not deserve her. Thank you, Maura, for so freely sharing your wisdom and ideas with me over the years.

HOLLY MATHIS and JENNY JOHNSTON - I can't even begin to count the number of emails I exchanged with these two new friends. Both are interior designers with fabulous taste and talent to spare, and on a personal level, they "get" me.

Holly and I connected thanks to this post she wrote back in January. Crazy because it wasn't even design oriented. We just happened to be at the same place at the same time (but didn't know each other then) and bonded over that simple fact. We met in person in March and have developed a friendship full of encouragement and inspiration. We even hosted the Mini Design Flea in June (together with Morning T)! 

Jenny is my newest friend, yet I feel like I've known her my whole life. We have lots of small world connections (and we both speak French!), but mostly it's her fun-loving, easy spirit that makes me feel like she's an old friend. I contacted Jenny when I saw her fabulous Rosemary Beach Redo over on Cote de Texas (not knowing we'd actually becomes friends and soon meet in person!). I had table eyes (of course) and was inquiring about the oval zinc top she used in this kitchen.

Her work inspires me...probably the reason I was so drawn to the Mecox table! But I've decided I like zinc better in a kitchen. Thanks for helping me figure things out, Holly and Jenny! I'm so thankful for you both!

And yet another "online friend" (blogging has blessed me in that way): KARINA GENTINETTA. This table of hers caught my eye:

It was too small for me to use, but you can find it in her 1st Dibs shop. Karina is an attorney-turned-antique shop owner in New Orleans. She's an amazing resource. She even went to a Belgian unloading event in her spare time to see if she could find the perfect table...just for me!

And how about KARIN in France! She found me through Trouvais (beautiful blog!) and jumped right into my table drama with a very helpful comment on my last post. She then emailed me with a "mini lesson" in antique tables and included some gorgeous images of 18th century trestle tables. Thank you, Karin! How I'd love to visit you in France!

Finally, I want to introduce you to TAMMY STROP. On the same day I gave my "to do" list up to God, I was looking for a French table over on 34th. Co-owner Darrel Davenport suggested I do a crazy thing: go to France and find it myself. Of COURSE that's what I'd love to do, but how and when? He told me about Tammy's European shopping tours. I SO WANT TO GO!

But with card season opening in September, I'll have to wait until after my busy season. Tammy could have said "call me next year," but instead went the extra mile. She connected me with a father and son who handcraft beautiful furniture out of antique wood. I can hardly believe how it's all worked out. A total "God Thing."

I'm thankful for the table drama. I've learned a ton and have felt privileged to interact with such talented and generous ladies! I'm thrilled to share their names with you and hope you'll have an opportunity to connect with them down the road.

I can't wait to share my table with you in mid-September!


  1. AnonymousJuly 18, 2010

    Thank YOU Linsey for your lovely post!

    Toujours bienvenue au Périgord, the region of "1001" Chateaux - for me the most beautiful part of France! South-West France, Aquitaine, Departement Dordogne.

    And all my best wishes for a HAPPY END for your 'table story'! My pleasure to help. Cordialement - karin

  2. Oh, I'm looking forward to seeing it! It will be gorgeous.

    I loved watching the process unfold and how wonderful to have so many blogging friends help you along the way.

  3. I love how all of the pieces have come together and can't wait to see your creation!


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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