A Leisurely Stroll Through Anthropologie

Happy Sunday, friends! I know you were expecting a table decision (great thoughts and comments everyone), but there's been an unexpected twist, so I've got to leave you hanging for another day.

But since it's Sunday...a day of rest...I took a break from the table drama and treated myself to a leisurely stroll through Anthropologie. And little did you know, I took you with me! Here are just a few of the little things we loved:

They have the BEST books!

Love all the different handwriting in this one...

...and the name of this one. Too funny!

Still love these classics...so good looking!

{full post on the new Penguin Classics here}

And of course I'd stop to show you:

Letterpress cards. LOVE the colors, thick paper, scalloped edge,
unique envelope flap...they had to come home with me.

Paperclips anyone?

Great hostess gifts...

{Note to self: we can make our own fabric-wrapped soaps
as gifts...with even better looking fabrics; love the twine!}

This soap/lotion duo is just right for my kitchen...

{Refillable glass bottles. Love the "pure & good" inscription}

 A unique and easy way to display a photo, card or inspiring words...

{I'll be using these in my studio and at my next Open House}

And as hard as I tried to stay on the home goods side of the store,
I could tell you wanted to see just one thing from the clothing side:

{So. Very. Me.}

How about that? We got to go shopping together...and you didn't even have to leave the house! I'm sure everyone in that store thought I was a little nuts...especially when I moved their already beautifully styled objects so that I could better capture the light for you!

I hope you've had the very best day, Sweet Readers! 


  1. texasjennyjJuly 11, 2010

    i certainly will expect this kind of shopping trip with you while im in Colorado!!!

  2. I can SO see you in that sweater. Hope it has a new home! :) Their books are so cool! Fun Sunday....
    Oh, and by the way - excited to hear more on Table Drama

  3. i could spend hours in anthropologie -- so many wonderful things to look at!

  4. Well, shopping was nice but the table drama is killing me! Please do not make us wait any longer. :)

  5. always looking for some inspiration. that soap is super cute and doable with my limited craft skills!


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