Table Hunting in Houston

The salvaged wood trestle table I asked you about in the last post is impressive, but here's the deal: I'm not in love. And sorry Restoration Hardware, but there's something about buying from you - even your 100-year old salvaged wood - that just doesn't feel personal enough for me.

Since I love a story and a personal connection, here's what I've decided about my table: it either needs to come from France (more on my love of France here) or needs to be hand crafted right here at home (preferably from antique, reclaimed wood).

In my dream world, I'd travel to Provence...

...shop the markets and find "the one." I'd speak my rarely used French to charm the shop owner with my Texas-French accent and listen to stories of the table's remarkable history. Then I'd celebrate at a fabulous French bistro like this one I photographed years ago:

{How's that for dreamy outdoor dining?!?! Perfectly Mougins.}

Here in Houston, it's a different story, but the bottom line is this: I'm a huge fan of supporting local businesses. Maybe because I am one. Maybe because more of my dollars go back into the local community (check this out). Or maybe it just feels more personal. So...whether I buy a French table from a local shop owner who imported it (unlikely due to the steep price tag) or have a French-inspired table hand crafted by a local artisan, I'll be happy.

Here are a few tables I spotted in Houston today:

{reproduction from Foxglove Interiors on W. Alabama;
Linda was very helpful and down to earth}

{antique from Chateau Domingue on W. Alabama; everything
there makes you want to live in a chateau and Anna is a doll!}

{antique from Neal & Co on Bissonnet; love the scallop}

{antique from Rosenkavalier on Bissonnet; very well priced}

I actually really like this one, but it's not large enough to host our wine dinners. My youngest daughter charmed the heck out of the shop owner, so he made me a great offer (maybe I can buy it for you?!?!).

So it's back to the inspiration board for a locally made table. One that looks très French! Maybe even clean and simple like this one:

{reproduced with old wood by Foxglove;
scan of a scan...sorry for the photo quality!}

So...what do you think of my new direction? Any further thoughts, images or resources? Thanks to all of you who emailed me with ideas (feel free to leave comments for all to see, too!). It's fun to work on this together!

{Email me for the location}


  1. I wish i lived In your area,I would love to make your table out of reclaimed elm wood.I have some great material.Derrick untiqued.com
    We have just started our business and It is great to deal in person with the locals here.
    Personal touch...Hope you find your perfect table!!

  2. I've used Barrio Antiguo for two tables and they are wonderful to work with. They don't specialize in french reproductions, but if you tell them and show them exactly what you want, they will make it for you. Very unique and worth the expense.

  3. i was in the Restoration Hardware outlet yesterday and saw the table [at 20% off, no less!]-- it is beautiful, but i hear you on the lack of story/wanting to buy local. houston has so much to offer in that way. good luck!

    ps -- sounds like i need to take your daughter shopping with me -- rambunctious boys don't really have the same effect;)

  4. AnonymousJune 18, 2011

    check out vieux on west alabama. i live in houston too.


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