Photoshop Magic...In My Kitchen

Okay friends, so I'm a little blog happy this week, but there's some great stuff out there in blog land, like this post from Cote de Texas. Right up my alley! Joni always posts lovely, well-researched interiors, but I've never been as giddy as I am over these chairs she featured:

Why so excited? Belgian linen + the slip + the chair for $200! From...ahem...IKEA and Bemz (thank you, Joni!). Beats the heck out of Quatrine prices (though their quality, fabric and welt options are still my favorite)!

I envisioned a pair of the pleated slips for the ends of my dining room table, but then I got to thinking about my kitchen:

I absolutely LOVE my kitchen (it deserves its very own post someday), but I've been wanting to add some softness for years (just waiting on the right find for the right price to kick things off).

Remember the Photoshop magic I did on the House Beautiful bedroom here?  I'm super visual, and since I use Photoshop everyday in my business...why not put my skills to use in my own home?!?!

I moved my everyday chairs to the side, grabbed my trusty iPhone, ran up to my studio and inserted the new chairs! I was dying to see the more custom, refined look of the pleated slip...

...but with all of the dressy elements in my kitchen (floors, chandeliers, white marble), I'm thinking the plain-skirted slips would create a more relaxed feel.

At the end of the day, simple elegance is more my style...a touch of refinement with a generous mix of clean and understated ease.

There's more I'd like to do in this space (window treatments, farm table, new light fixture), but you can't beat the price of these chairs for starters! I'm thinking my classic Pottery Barn chairs will make an appearance at the Mini Design Flea. {I've got six...with some French "Comptoir de Famille" cushions.}

So how about you? Are you a pleats or plain skirt girl? And would you ever in a million years consider white slipcovers in your everyday eating area with children? Call me crazy! (Holly Mathis gave me great advice: buy an extra slip!)

P.S. See the DiY clock over the back door? A little dark in these pics, but I'm loving it in real life!


  1. Your kitchen is so dreamy Linsey and you know I loved your photoshop magic with the chairs. I did notice your transformed clock above the back door too, just like it was made for that exact spot!

  2. Your kitchen is beautiful! Seriously, It is absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to see a post dedicated to it! I have 4 kids and would totally get those slipcovered chairs! We have some white furniture, and as long as you can wash it, I say go for it!

  3. One more thing...those would look even more fabulous if they were monogrammed!

  4. If a mommy of four says go for it, then I'm not so crazy after all! :) Love your monogram idea. I'm thinking two of the slipped chairs, two other relaxed chairs (wicker?) and a bench...with a farm table...someday!

  5. It is GORGEOUS, Linsey. And listen to that Holly-she is brilliant. She pointed me to that very post from Cote and I've been trying to figure out how to get some slipped chairs in my dining room ever since. I must say I'm a pleat girl. They will look fantastic in your beautiful kitchen!

  6. I just clicked over from Holly Mathis.

    LOVE your kitchen. So gorgeous! I can't wait for the post about it. In the meantime, would you mind sharing the paint color? It is really beautiful.


  7. i *heart* the chandelier for you. and that aluminum top barn type table? but maybe round is better in your room. and DEFINITELY the non pleat. less formal. relaxed. familyish. love you! your house is so YOU! we shoudl do a post about our different styles...

  8. I don't mind sharing paint colors at all! Manchester from Pratt & Lambert. It looks as grey as can be on the paint swatch, but reads blue in my house (hard to tell in my photos because it was a rainy day and an iphone!).

  9. Oh, my. This kitchen is drool-worthy!!!! And I love the slipped chairs!!! I agree - a bit of softness is exactly the touch for that space. I'm planning on hitting the fun "flea." Have a GREAT weekend!!!

  10. Soft is good. As for the table, round sure does fit the space and besides it is an heirloom!

  11. Like the more simple style, but def go with the slipcovers! Love it!

  12. I'm a newbie reader. but I will be back. I promise! LOVE the kitchen! And are you revealing the price tag for the 6 chairs before the mini flea? I have an interesting living situation going on right now...? Holly is helping me decorate in the fall...? (Can you tell I'm trying to entice you?) Seriously though, I've been drooling over them in PB for quite some time now. =)

  13. Keely, the chairs were actually on Craigslist in advance of the Mini Design Flea and sold right away. So sorry!

  14. ugh, heartbroken. Maybe Holly & I will come shop in your house this fall! =)

  15. Your kitchen looks VERY much like my kitchen...down to the two hanging chandys over the island.

  16. just saw this! thanks for the shout out. i love your kitchen so much and those chairs are adorable.

  17. I love the chandelier with crystals near the island. Where did you find that ? I have seen several similar .

    1. I actually didn't select those chandeliers over the island. They were selected by the previous owner during the remodel just before I moved in, so I don't know the source.

  18. Hello! I love your dining room chairs - did you get those from Ikea/Bemz too? I am looking for linen for my chairs right now and am having trouble. I love how your dining room chairs have a flowy soft feel - that is what I need! Thank you!


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