My Empty Dining Room

My dining room table quest has just stepped up a notch...

...because there's nothing like a big empty space to kick you into high gear. I'll be back later with more table photos, but for now, I've got some looking to do!

P.S. Did anyone love a table from my last outing? I'm not losing sleep over any of them (mostly because the prices are out of my comfort zone), but the inspiration is swirling!


  1. I have been swamped this week but I need to dig through some of my resources and see if I can suggest anything to look at. Your home looks beautiful even without the table....love seeing the glimpses you post!

  2. I don't think you have found it yet. Keep looking until your heart pounds at the sight of it. I know you don't want a "big box" table but the Restoration Hardware table is the best looking so far. I know, I know...don't go there but I'm just saying... :)

  3. Thanks for the help and encouragement!

  4. Linsey...Love your dining room....even without the centerpiece table! There used to be a store next to our house in St. Maarten called the House of Wonders http://www.house-of-wonders.com/Index.asp?pagename=Home&site=1&siteid=1873 They go to villages in Zanzibar and Tanzania and buy Dhow fishing boats that are no longer used by the local villages and reclaim repurpose the wood. They had some really interesting pieces, each very individual and unique. The owner Annika left the island and moved shop to Portugal and BVI. Although I am not in LOVE with any of the sample tables they have on their website right now, think it is a neat idea anyway worth mentioning...maybe even better than a repurposed dhow table would be one of your beautiful trestle table finds (liked the scalloped one too) with a reclaimed dhow bench...of all the things in her shop (aside from the jewelry) I loved the long benches-perhaps a little to informal for a dining room-especially in the south- but.....fun for thought. Envy your bravery in parting with antiques passed down...have alot of family antiques myself-even if some are nto quite my style anymore-still hard to part with the memories

  5. theres a table missing? what a gorgeous room!!


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