Mini Design Flea Scoop + Sneak Peeks!

I'm taking a quick break from table hunting (here and here) to get ready for THIS:

{Click HERE for specific location.}

Holly Mathis, Morning T and I are in full-out market mode this week! We're tagging lots of great finds in all price ranges (lots of under $50 items!) and can't wait to open the gate on Saturday at 9. {No early birds please; we need the time to set-up!)

If you like what you see on our blogs, you'll like what you find at the Mini Design Flea. No junk, no trash...only things we think you'll like! In fact, I just picked up a car load of gorgeous French goodies from Nest (the place where I got my beautiful new lamp).

Take a look at this gorgeous pair of trompe de l'oeil lamps waiting for you:

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these! Thank you, Jennifer (designer and owner of Nest), for including them in the Mini Design Flea! I'm trying hard not to buy them for myself! Also from Nest:

And a peek at some of the things surrounding the mercury glass:

A nice high/low mix for sure. And there's much more! Holly, Tricia and I will be posting sneak peeks throughout the week, so be sure to visit all three blogs!

Personally, I want this market to be a HUGE success because I want to give half of every dollar toward a "mini home makeover" for a very deserving family. It's been on my heart all weekend. Here's a little background:
Prince and Sheila have opened their hearts and their home to Houston's inner city children for the last 18 years. They founded Inner City Youth, now called THE FORGE (which you support at Christmas when buying my cards). But they don't just work in the Third Ward. They live there...out of love and humble sacrifice. As you can imagine (actually, I couldn't imagine until I went last weekend), a kid-filled home in the inner city needs some TLC. And I want to help! My husband is doing home repairs, but I want to do a little decorating...new bedding and window coverings...things every woman loves. 

So what does that have to do with you? Everything. First, invite your friends. Second, the more you buy from LLH Designs on Saturday, the more we can buy for Prince and Sheila's home.  50% of the price you pay will go toward their "mini home makeover." I've had them in mind with every price tag I've written (not too low), and I have you in mind, too (not too high)!

Happy Monday, Sweet Readers!


  1. Wow! How CAN you part with these goods? Can't wait. And, ok - we'll (Cindy & I) try to be good girls...and wait until 9! :) Love the idea behind this "flea" - your cause is very worthy!

  2. Surprising Sheila and Prince with some new home goodies is a very generous thing to do, but I am not surprised by your sweet spirit. xox Mom


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