"Mini Design Flea" In The News!

Wow, friends! Our humble little "Design Flea" is in the news! All of the sudden we feel very "official!" First a mention on Pink Memo by Paloma (of La Dolce Vita fame). Then an interview with a real reporter! You can read that article here.

The reporter was as sweet as she could be and took copious notes, but despite my PR background at Enron, I had NO IDEA she would want a few photographs with ME in them! I think my PR brain has gone to mush!

{Featured in InstantNewsWestU.com}

After the reporter left, my nine-year old daughter said, "Mama, your hair's messy. You should've brushed it." Umm...I thought I did brush it. I guess this is my "summer hair" thanks to the humidity.

Enough about me. Let's talk about the charitable aspects of this event.

1. MINI HOME MAKEOVER: I'm donating 50% of all LLH Designs sales to add some beauty to Prince and Sheila's home in the Third Ward. They are co-founders of The Forge and have chosen to live "on the front lines." I can't wait to give their home a little TLC after all the TLC they've given to others!

2. SEND A KID TO CAMP: All it takes is $200 to send one of our own inner city children to this  awesome summer camp with The Forge. We'll have a collection jar at the checkout table if you'd like to give a little. Can't be at the event but would like to contribute? Contact me for details. I know we can do this, Houston! 

3. WHOLE FOODS was so touched by the charitable aspect of our event that they've gladly agreed to donate some refreshments. Thank you, Whole Foods Bellaire, from one of your most loyal shoppers!

Time for some sneak peeks. We've got ART!!! 

A few French-inspired favorites taken right off my walls. Framed and ready to hang for some instant "Frenchifying" in your own home! 

Need a little more color? We'll have four fine art prints from a gallery in Telluride. All are signed and numbered by the artist and are gallery framed with beautiful linen mattes. (I tried to tone down the gold and considering reframing, but would keep the linen mattes for sure).

Looking for something even more unique and personal? Lucky for you, my sister will be here with some of her amazing pieces.

You don't want to miss her work, so if you can't make it to the Mini Design Flea or don't live in Houston, be sure to check out her new Etsy shop!

Finally, I'm thinking of parting with three of my "searched high and low" antique  botanical prints (from France, of course!). MAYBE:

Updated on 6.25.10: I almost forgot about my own "artwork!" I sometimes do a little fine art printing using either my favorite photographs from Provence or a collage of French design elements:

All artwork from LLH Designs will be lower than retail but not "garage sale cheap." Remember, I'm on a dual mission: to share some great finds with you, but also to build a "mini home makeover fund" for the decorating project I'm planning for the most deserving family in all of Houston! Thanks for helping!

I can't wait to see you this Saturday between 9 AM and Noon! {Click HERE for a map.}

P.S. I forgot to show you the amazing French pillow collection. Many of them were brought back from Provence by moi! I love them all, but with a great cause and a good God who never fails to provide, I can let go of almost anything!


  1. Yeah! I am so excited to see you on Saturday. Everything looks GREAT!!!!

  2. Yahoo- you look fabulous in your big interview. We certainly are official now. Your sneak peeks keep me adding cash to my MDF petty cash fund!

  3. Linsey, love your offerings especially the pillows. Come see my pillow giveaway on my site> Join in as well.

    Art by Karena

  4. no WAY you are getting rid of those botanicals. you were nutso to find them! are you thinking clearly?


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