The Hunt for a New Table...HELP!

Call me crazy, but when I decided to sell my my dining room table, I didn't have a replacement waiting in the wings. And I never imagined it would sell in a single day...or that I'd get a dozen inquiries within minutes of listing it! (There are some serious Craig's List hounds out there!) So now I've got some serious work to do, and I need your help!

In case you missed it, I started with this:

I'm a huge fan of distressed trestle tables, and my vision when I bought this one was 100% achieved: dark wood table contrasted with light chairs (I painted and lightly glazed the chairs myself; they're from the old Warwick Hotel in Houston's Museum District...love the history).

But I've always loved the look of unfinished, reclaimed wood.

Rustic and casual, but refined depending on the shape of the base and the chairs you pair with it (mine are more feminine). My husband loves the natural feel and "energy" of old, unfinished wood, so he's totally on board, and that's huge.

But which table? I saw a real-deal antique (gorgeous!) for $12K. YIKES! A newly constructed "old wood" table is definitely the way to go for us. So we drove out to Laurie's Antiques (reproduction heaven) to see if we could find "the one."  The last time we were there, we were SURE we had spotted it, and in my not-so-perfect memory, it looked a lot like this:

I love the layers of texture (wood and iron would look awesome with my seagrass rug and linen-covered chairs), but there's one problem: this wasn't the table we saw today. I had remembered it all wrong. Today's table was iron and wood alright, but it was too much Mexico and not enough France!

Back to the drawing board...Google and blog surfing, that is. When you Google "salvaged wood table" and scroll though the images, this one pops up more than any other:

And this:

And a little of this:

Unfinished, 100-year-old wood from Great Britain. And a trestle table at that (same style as my old one; great for legroom and wine dinners)! Do you have any idea where to find this beauty?

Restoration Hardware. Yep, everyday, run-of-the-mill, available-to-the-masses, Restoration Hardware. But it's NOT cheap! Far less than an antique, but sky high for an everyday catalog. Oh, and it's been blogged to death (i.e. seen by everyone).

The mental flip-flops will continue late into the night at this rate, so I'm begging you to rescue me from my indecision. Seriously.
  • Is it too much like my old one? (The detail person in me says, "Of course not! It's lighter and unfinished! Mission accomplished!" Oh, and I liked my old one...a lot!)
  • Is it too ordinary now that Restoration Hardware has jumped on the salvaged wood, trestle table bandwagon?
  • Is it too expensive...you know, for Restoration Hardware? (But it is 100-year old wood and only available for a limited time, right?)
  • Should I keep looking? Tell me where!
  • Am I crazy?!?! Yes.
There's actually a silver lining to this whole crazy story. And it has nothing to do with finding the right table. It has everything to do with who now owns the first one: a childhood friend I've known since kindergarten! We grew up one house away from each other and shared a lot of family meals together, so it makes me smile ear to ear to think of his precious family sharing meals and memories for years to come at their beautiful table! I love how God just keeps connecting the dots of life!

Back to the decision at hand. I do hope you'll help me. Talk me off the ledge...or tell me to go for it! Send me photos, ideas...or just a dash of perspective! Thanks, Sweet Readers! You're the best! I can sleep now!

{Email me for the location}


  1. AnonymousJune 15, 2010

    I say buy the look you love AND be a good steward of your money. The $12k antique is nuts! The RH table seems to achieve your goal and it's not like it has a giant logo burned into it's side, telling all where you got it. It's about the look. So don't spend a crazy amount of time on the research. If the RH one works for you, go for it and enjoy!! Bon apetite!!:) Are you ever in Austin? Let us know.... From Angela Bailey:)

  2. On a different subject, have you considered RH's round table for breakfast area. Looks like a nice fit. As for the dining room, I like your thoughts about metal base/wood top....maybe someone could build one. Hmmmm.

  3. I say go for it!!!! I love the RH table. Worse case....in a few years if you get tired of it you can either a) get it refinished or b) sell it and buy something else. It's a BEAUTY!!!!

    PS...Don't ya just love Lauries!?!?!? ;)

  4. sista - i like the light table. also love the idea of metal and wood - one of my favorite combos, tho i probably like the mexican style table. hmmm. maybe i need to go to laurie's? i can call you soon, but how much is the RH table? insane? and am i to guess that my little 3rd grade boyfriend and his wife bought your table? how cool is that?
    for your BR - i think you need that tin topped table with the non pleated chairs. like you NEED it.

  5. There is a place in the heights that will take any restoration hardware table and recreate it - but I'm told they use better wood. I ALMOST had them make me a table but I found one on craigslist for $200 that was just what I wanted. They are really nice people - just take a picture in and they will give you a price: Barrio Antiguo Imports - 713.880.2105, located at 725 Yale Street

  6. i know nothing about table advice but both are gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous
    the chairs you have are fabulous too

  7. Houston, huh? I travel there occasionally (my husband has family there), maybe one day we'll meet in person. Until then, I will socialize with you over blogs. Speaking of blogs, love yours!


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