Gorgeous Dining Tables for Sale

Time to offer a sneak peak at the big ticket items the upcoming Mini Design Flea has inspired me to sell. First up, this gorgeous dining room table:

Antique Reproduction Trestle Table with a hand distressed finish
{SOLD on 6.15.10}

So much character and distinction! I love the solid trestle-style base (and my husband loves the solid construction):

This table has received more compliments than any other piece of furniture in my house. So why would I sell it? Because I'm in a crazy, creative nesting phase and am inspired to try something else. I'm not usually one who likes change, but I'm craving it around my house lately (hence the Mini Design Flea!).

And lucky for you, I've decided to try something different in my kitchen as well...IF this beloved table passed down to me from my Granny finds a good home (hard to part with this one)!

Isn't she beautiful?
{check Craig's List for details}

And take a look at the lovely pedestal base with claw-foot legs:

And because these chairs look like they were made for this table, I'm going to sell them, too!

Set of Six Napoleon Rush Seat Chairs from Pottery Barn
{SOLD on 6.16.10}

And I might, just maybe...sell these four French cushions:

Here's the deal: I love all of these items, but I'm feeling inspired, which is great for those of you interested in new dining tables. If you'd like to make an offer BEFORE the Mini Design Flea, feel free to contact me here or via Craig's List. If they sell before the Flea, don't worry! We'll have lots of great things that will fit more easily into your car...for a much lower price!

I hope to see you at the Mini Design Flea on June 26th! Send me a friendly email and I'll reply with the specific West U address (sorry for the inconvenience, but not sure about floating an address out there on the internet!). And by all means, BRING FRIENDS!

**Update (6.15.10)  - The large trestle table has found a new home, and I couldn't be happier for the new owners. They are friends...someone I've known since kindergarten! How fun is that?!?! Have a great day, Sweet Readers!


  1. Oh those are both great, I hope they find a great home!!! I love that you are changing it up. My husband has noticed I am getting that crazy look in my eye lately....something will be rearranging soon!

  2. i can see your affinity to beautiful and fine furniture. Classics goes on forever. Lucky you that your granny give that magnificent table.


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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